Affiliate Marketing For Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

One common misconception about affiliate marketing is that you have to be smart and well educated to do it.

In this post, I’m going to show you why that’s not always the case and why the exact opposite might be closer to the truth.

My Affiliate Marketing Addiction

When I moved to California in 2008, my goal was to change my life. I was a raging alcoholic suffering from massive depression and suicidal thoughts.

I goals were to stop drinking, pursue a relationship, play with a band and try to make money online.

In just a few weeks the relationship imploded and the band started to fade.

I was terrified that if I went out I would drink. So I locked myself in a little guest house and obsessed on the online marketing.

Addiction Takes Over

Pretty soon I was working 20 hours a day. I slept only when I was too exhausted to see straight. As soon as possible I was back at the desk, working on campaigns.

My addictive, obsessive personality allowed me to work 20 hours a day, seven days a week. I didn’t take breaks, have sex or socialize other than AA meetings.

Because I was working so much, it only too me about 30 days to figure out how to play the game. I invested money and took some losses and then slowly started making profits.

In 60 days my profits were out of control, huge, gigantic and life changing.

I rode the wave without rest for an entire year, getting better and better every week.

The secret to my success?

Addiction and obsession.

Obsession vs. Balance

If I wasn’t an addictive personality, I doubt I’d have done so well with marketing.

Every week I was invited (commanded) to do social stuff.

Friends were worried and wanted me to go to the beach, meet them for dinners, go to movies and take vacations.

They thought I was wasting my time on Twitter or something.

What they didn’t understand was that, while I appeared to be sitting at the computer staring at the screen all day, I was actually on the most adrenaline pumping, dopamine squirting adventure of my entire life.

I was watching clicks and sales come in, I was testing landing pages, I was testing ads. Each time something worked, I got a huge shot of dopamine from my brain.

The marketing game was my heroin, and I was completely addicted.

Is Addiction and Obsession Required?

You may be thinking “Oh no! I don’t have an addictive personality! I’ll never make it in affiliate marketing!”.

This is not necessarily true.

I know my addictive personality drove me to success in this game, but I also know normal people who have also done extremely well.

What I’m saying is, if you suffer from an addictive or obsessive behavior, it may be of use to you here.

Use your madness to your advantage.

Feel free to:

  • Stop answering calls
  • Turn off the outside world
  • Laugh hysterically when something works
  • Never sleep
  • Pace the room talking out ideas to yourself
  • Work all hours of the night

Then, if/when things work out for you, consider taking a break or creating more “balance” in your life.

If you want to.

Normal People Who Fail

Over the years I’ve tried to teach affiliate marketing to a few friends.

Some of them were 100x smarter and more educated than I am, but they just could not seem to connect the dots and make it work.

My observations lead me to believe that the reason it didn’t work is because they lacked the ability to get addicted to the marketing game like I did.

In some cases, their intelligence was the exact reason they failed. They were too smart to continue playing a game that was losing money every day.

I was able to withstand the losses because my brain was so addicted to the game.

I honestly didn’t care if I went broke, I was so hooked that I stuck with it, even when it seemed insane to do so.

And that’s why it worked for me.


Some people think that affiliate marketing is only for math experts and scientists. In my experience, that’s just not true.

In fact, I’ve seen that sometimes an addictive, obsessive personality can actually HELP you succeed here. In affiliate marketing, even the losers can win.

If you can steer your addictive personality away from drugs/alcohol and towards a more positive outlet… you may be able to do things “normal” people can’t do.

To me alcoholics and addicts aren’t bad people. We just think differently.

And in affiliate marketing, thinking differently is a very, very good thing.

If you’re nuts like me, that’s okay. Raise your glass and make a toast…

Here’s to the losers.

  • Fat Stacks

    Ha ha was having this exact convo with someone the other day Malan. Getting a conversion and getting things working is like a shot of dopamine when you hit a jackpot at the casino. Keeps me going. Been hooked since my first conversion.

  • Gene Morris

    This! Exactly.

  • Niels Reijerse

    Awesome blog post once again Malan, this stuff is golden! Really recognisable personality traits aswell. My current obsession is building my first website and figuring out how building works for future projects, working till 3:30 at night in weekends is the standard the past weeks. Shiney object syndrome is hitting me hard tho, the object being affiliate marketing ;p Keep doing what you do man!

  • Daniel Sandercock

    Same path I followed.

    Best thing I ever did was lock myself away till I worked it out. People got a little worried but I didn’t…

    I still don’t answer my phone 😉

  • Matt Kobus

    Been reading your stuff on and off for nearly 2 years;
    This is the best post, hands down.

    Will be linking to this.
    (Bipolar type 2…am biased, but I mean damn you hit it out the park).

    It’s scary to think where I’d be in life if I was born before the internet existed.

  • Matt Kobus

    This post resonates with me on a personal level.

    Thank you for sharing.