AffPlayBook Podcast Interview

Last week I did an interview for the AffplayBook podcast.

AffplayBook is one of the top premium affiliate marketing forums in the industry. Their podcast features guests from the industry talking in detail about their lives and work.

In the interview we talked about a lot of stuff:

  • How I accidentally discovered affiliate marketing
  • The single traffic source I used for my first year
  • The top mistakes I see new affiliates make
  • How to eat ice cream and lose weight
  • My long-term master plan
  • and a lot more

It’s about 45 minutes and was a good time to do. Click here to listen to it on the AffPlaybook blog or download it on iTunes.

Big thanks to David for giving me the opportunity to share.

About AffplayBook

AffplayBook is one of the top private forums in the affiliate marketing industry. A private forum is a place where experienced affiliates give out advice and specific instructions on how to launch campaigns. It all happens behind the scenes and you have to be a member to see it.

I recently joined and dug around to see what I could find.

The forum is packed with useful information. There are step-by-step guides on how to launch your first campaign – with specific guides for several different traffic sources (including mobile), success stories of new affiliates going from $0 – $900/day profit and lots of useful tips/tricks you can steal.

But what really blew my mind was the Aff Robot.


The Aff Robot is a huge set of tools that are specifically built for affiliate marketers. They have spy tools that show ads being run on display, ppv and ppc networks, a headline creator, a landing page cloner (input a competitor’s url and it downloads their page to your computer) and a lot of other tools that cost money to use elsewhere.

They also have a Landing Page Builder Bot.

This tool lets you create a landing page in a single click. You choose from 3 popular landing page styles, add your text right there in the browser and then click a button. It creates the page and saves it to your computer as a fully functioning landing page.

I get asked all the time how a non-technical person can build a landing page. I normally recommend taking a course. But alternatively, I’d recommend joining AffplayBook and using their 1-click tool. It’s worth the price of admission all by itself.

If you’re looking for a premium forum to join, AffplayBook is a good one. My username is ‘Malan’, look me up.

Click here to join the AffPlayBook forum using my expertly disguised affiliate link.

  • David Ford

    Thanks again for doing the podcast, and also for the great writeup!

    • Malan Darras

      yeah David, good times, thanks again. enjoying the forum too

  • Petre Veluda

    Happy to hear you in the interview Malan. I hope you’ll do more. I left a comment on APB’s website as well regarding how affiliate marketers tend to grow in these Elite Soldiers and that more and more successful people nowadays invest first in their health and education rather than expensive restaurants and fancy cars. We don’t need those, they are easy to get so they are not “cool” anymore.

    I think this is the BIG “WHY” we are doing this for. Change to old and bad way of thinking into something new that actually works today.

    • Malan Darras

      yeah Petre – there are still plenty of affiliate marketing “rockstar” douche bags out there though, lol

  • Lucia

    I enjoyed listening to the 45-minute podcast… a real inspiration! I guess most people are afraid to get started making money online because they feel they missed the boat… And your interview proved just how wrong that is. Thanks, Malan!

    • Malan Darras

      thanks Lucia – yeah that’s a big myth that stops people before they start. Remember, back in 2008 I thought I had “missed the boat” as well, because in earlier years Adwords was so much easier to make $$ with. Then I proceeded to destroy on Adwords for a full year… haha.

      Just get started – don’t worry about missing out on anything, it’s just getting started.

  • PG

    Thanks Malan, I really enjoyed this. Interesting & enlightening 🙂

    • Malan Darras

      thanks for checking it out PG – it was a good time.

  • Ronny

    Hi Malan,

    The interview is great but when I check your youtube channel this video is the greatest.

    When I feel down, usually I will watch The pursuit of happiness (played by Will Smith). That film is like a drug to me. Heal me by adding new spirit (every time).

    Now When I feel GREEDY your video will save me. It will help me to embrace the Process,
    protect me from unreasonable stress.

    I have to download your video, convert, and burn it to DVD, so when for some reason this video disappeared….I have it.

    You guys also need to check on that video (it also contains a bonus on how you can master Adwords).

    PS: Don`t forget to download, convert, and burn that video, Trust me some valuable YouTube videos do disappear!!!