The Art of Self Destruction

“My life is ruined…”

“Everything is falling apart…”

“I wish I could die…”

These are the kinds of thoughts that have filled my mind for most of my life. And for a while it looked like they were all going to come true.

I was in trouble.

  • Every day I thought of driving my car off a bridge.
  • Every night I drank myself to near death to make myself feel better
  • But things only got worse… and then worse…

Then, everything changed.

It’s a few years later and I am sober, self employed, retired from the 9–5 rat race forever, living out my dreams in Hollywood, California.

I’m in the best shape of my life, I can gain and lose weight on command, I can cook, I’m an inspiration to others and I wake up most mornings excited to do my work and get to live my life.

So what changed?

How did I do it?
That’s what I’m announcing today.

Understand: This isn’t some “Self Help” B.S. that I read in a book. This is all taken from my real life experience. I would never tell you to do something that I haven’t done myself.

I’ve hinted at a lot of this stuff here before but I wanted to make it official and explain the whole process.

If you do what I did, your life can change. It’s as simple as that. Your results may not be exactly the same as mine, but if you experience half of what I did, your will become a better person, there is no doubt.

Here we go.

This is The Art of Self Destruction.


What is The Art of Self Destruction?

The Art of Self Destruction is a life-changing series of steps that I used to start my life over. It drastically improved my financial (MONEY), physical (BODY) and mental (MIND) life.

Q: “But ‘Self Destruction’ is bad, right?

A: Not at all. Before my growth happened there was a moment of total DESTRUCTION wherein I smashed my old life completely. In other words, before I created a better version of myself I had to DESTROY the old one.


The Art of Self Destruction is made up of 5 main steps.

I’ll give a brief overview of each step here (enough that you can get started if you want to) and expand on each of them in the coming months.

  1. Self Destruct. Destroy your former self by “Giving Up”.
  2. MONEY. Learn how to make money online and leave the 9–5 forever.
  3. BODY. Rebuild your body into a fine-tuned machine.
  4. MIND. Clear your mind of the clutter from the past.
  5. The Future. Rediscover “You” again, be more creative and help others.

P.S. I am writing an in depth guide that will explain how to do each of these steps in detail. To get on the waiting list – sign up here

“You must remember that an oak tree is not a crime against the acorn.” David Zindell

Step 1. Self Destruct: “I Give Up”

Every new beginning marks the end of something else. So the first step I took to rebuild a new version of myself was to DESTROY the old one.

I had to “Give Up” my old ways completely and start new.

Think about this: You can’t build a new house on the same plot of land until the old one is DESTROYED and removed completely. So to make room for your new house, you’re going to demolish the old one first.

Giving up is simple.

All you have to do is realize that the reality you’re living in now was created by you. If you don’t like your current reality and want a change, you admit that your plan didn’t work and become willing to start over and try something new. That’s it.

If you need help Giving Up, I’ll tell you exactly what I did. I made it official. I stood up in a room, closed my eyes and said a small prayer to the Universe.

Dear Universe: I give up, I am completely lost and need your help. I turn the whole thing over to you starting today. Please help me now.

Do not skip this step.

If you skip this one, it greatly reduces your chances of finding success with the steps below.

Take as much time as you need to do it. When you’re done you can begin working on the steps below.

Step 2: MONEY

“Extract yourself from 9–5 world forever”

It’s hard to change your life when you’re working 40–60 hours a week at a full time job. That’s why MONEY is the first step of the process. By learning to make money online I was able to leave the 9–5 workforce forever, and free up time to work on my BODY and MIND.

It’s never been easier to make money online.

You can register a domain name and be up and running in 5 minutes. Some people get rich, some people make a decent living and others make a little extra money on the side.

The key is to understand that you can create money out of thin air, using nothing but your ideas and an internet connection. When you understand this, your entire view of reality will change.


Left: My old house. Right: Where I live now.

Here are some ways to make money online that can help you create money from your own ideas and leave the 9–5 world behind forever.

1. Become A Freelancer:

I made my first dollar online by making a website for someone else. I taught myself some basic html and sold websites for a few hundred bucks to friends. Soon, I was selling sites to local businesses for several thousand dollars a pop.

If you can buy a domain and install WordPress, you can start building websites for money right away, it’s that easy. Start with family and friends. Someone needs a website and will pay you to make it for them.

2. Start a Blog:

The next thing I did was I created a review blog. I wrote reviews for products and got ranked in the search engines for terms like “XYZ Product Review”. It took a lot of writing and several months to get visitors, but when I did I was able to make $2000 – $3000 a month. All you have to do is:

1. Get a domain and hosting plan at Bluehost (5 minutes)
2. Install WordPress (1-click)
3. Start writing about your life and experience.
4. Sell affiliate products from Clickbank, A4D or ShareASale.
5. Or write a “How To” Guide about something you’re good at. Save it as a PDF, upload it to Clickbank and sell it.

3. Affiliate Marketing.

While it is riskier than writing a blog and getting free traffic, there is an opportunity to make an incredible amount of money really fast.

That’s because instead of waiting for people to find you in search engines, you’re paying someone like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads to put your ads in front people immediately, so you get visitors right away.

1. Get a domain and hosting plan at Bluehost (5 minutes)
2. Install WordPress (1-click)
3. Get an advertising account at Google Adwords or Facebook Ads
4. Join an affiliate network like A4D, Adsimilis or Peerfly
5. Fill out an application and speak to an affiliate manager
6. Join premium forum with my affiliate link to learn from 100s of super affiliates, see live case studies and get invited to private meetups.

Take Action: The first step of starting any online business is getting a domain name and hosting plan. Isuggest you go with “” if that’s taken get “”. You can set it up right now with my Bluehost affiliate link. (it takes 5 minutes and costs $3.95/month)

4. Outsource Yourself:

If none of the three paths above work for you, you can outsource yourself. Whether your skill is typing, writing, doing research, drawing cartoons or cleaning houses, there is a website that will pay you for it.

Create a profile on a site like (anything goes), (virtual assistants) or (real world assistants), and start taking jobs.

Step 3: BODY

“Rebuild your broken machine”

When I left the 9–5 trap I realized that I had a lot of extra free time. So I started focusing on my  health, specifically my diet and exercise.

*Note: I stopped drinking right after I “Gave Up”. That was a necessary step for me to accomplish anything you see here today.

I spent some time learning how to eat. I started eating more, meat, vegetables, rice, fruit and cheese. I drank a sh#tload of water. Within a week my body started looking different and people started noticing.

I learned that losing weight doesn’t mean starving yourself. Starvation can actually STOP weight loss. The key to losing weight is to find out how many calories your body needs per day and eating slightly less than that. No drastic steps necessary.

Here’s some very general math that will help most people lose weight:

Simple math to lose weight:

  • Multiply your current body weight by 13. That is a rough estimate of how many calories you need to eat per day to maintain your current weight.
  • Multiply your weight by 12. That is how many calories a day you can eat to lose weight.
  • Signup for MyFitnessPal and get this food scale and track your calories. Try to be close most of the time. Don’t stress out.


Left: Me passed out drunk on the floor. Right: Me in a hotel room feeling ripped.

Next, I learned how to workout. I started with a personal trainer who showed me the ropes and got me into the best shape of my life. For the first time ever I was lean and muscular.

Over time I felt comfortable enough to develop my own routine and workout on my own. Now I can stay in shape for the rest of my life.

Step 4: MIND

“Make your mind a nicer place to be”

Now that I had my MONEY and BODY taken care of it was time to work on my MIND. I grew up hard and had anger, depression and regret going back many years.

So I started working it all out.

  • I made peace with my past
  • I forgave myself and others
  • I dropped my anger
  • I created a Morning Routine
  • I started reading books every day.
  • I started meditating

 *Tip: Meditating is easier than you think. This video showed me how easy it can be.

When I cleared my MIND I started to remember the things I used to love but stopped doing because I was so screwed up.

For me, it was creativity.

After years of trying to “make it” in the music business I was pretty jaded about music in general. I wouldn’t even pick up a guitar. But since going through this process I’ve started writing music again. And I don’t care about getting famous anymore.

I’m just doing what I love.
I’m “Being Malan” again.

Step 5: FUTURE: Helping Others

After you’ve conquered your MONEY, BODY and MIND, you’ll be in a position to start helping others.

But don’t rush into it. Remember, I’m six or seven years into this thing and have just started to share the concept with other people.

Take time to work on yourself first.

In this case, I think it’s okay to be selfish. The truth is that unless you’ve spend an adequate amount of time working on yourself, you can be of no use to anyone else.

So before you rush out and try to change the world, be sure to spend plenty of time working on yourself first.

That’s it.

That is the Art of Self Destruction.

Get The Step By Step Guide
I am writing an in-depth guide that will explain MONEY, BODY and MIND in great detail. Click here to get on the waiting list and I’ll email you as soon as it’s ready.


Life is weird. And if you’re anything like me maybe you don’t like where you’ve ended up.

A few years ago my life was a complete wreck. But then I did made some changes that started a chain reaction and changed my life forever.

Now I’m building an army of people who want to do the same. I call the process ‘The Art of Self Destruction’.

If you feel lost and want to find yourself again, this is your wake up call that it’s not too late.

This is your time.
This is what you’ve been waiting for.

This is The Art of Self Destruction.

P.S. Want the full step-by-step guide? Click here to get on the waiting list.

  • Luis Barrios

    Thanks Malan for this good info (i’ll wait for the detailed guide)
    Right now i’m in certain part of the path because i started to meditate and change my mind to a positive one, now i know how to eat good and tasty and the part that i have to get more confidence is in the make money online. The universe is preparing me for that, for sure!


    • Malan Darras

      I hope so Luis. The cool thing about MONEY is that when you get that figured out, it clears up a lot of extra time to work on BODY and MIND.

  • Daniel Nguyen

    Wow. This is an epic post bro. I now see a couple of areas I need to fix

    • Malan Darras

      thanks Daniel! hope it helps.

  • Zourkas

    Malan thank you very much for this post! It is gold for people who really desire to change their lives in this weird world where everything is so counter-intuitive. Yes I agree that money is the number #1 priority because let’s face it, if you work 40 hours a week in a difficult job you probably wont be able to sustain rituals to build your body or to be in the mood and read a book. I mean you will burned-out fast because of the tough moments you may experience in your work and even if you train your body or read a book you will not perform at an optimum efficiency.

    I have signed up for the in depth analysis of the self destruction series and I am more than eager to read them carefully and spot the gems that will be helpful to improve my life like you did.

    Thank you again,

    • Malan Darras

      cool Zourkas, thanks for signing up. i’ll send you an email when it’s ready to go

  • Andrew Ka

    Also, don’t forget to get in touch with like minded people 😉

  • Nate

    Thank you for posting this Malan. I’m 42 and I’ve been on this path somewhat before (was putting my money, body and mind together) but went the wrong direction at some point and neglected certain steps off and on. I greatly appreciate you sharing your journey. I’m coming out of a dark period and your insights and advice is exactly what I needed to rebuild myself. Thank you sincerely.

  • ktyc


  • Mithun Penheiro

    this is inspiring Malan! Thank you for sharing.