1 Tip To Improve Any Landing Page (Crazy Egg Review)

Crazy Egg Review

Today I’m giving away an insanely powerful landing page tool that has been a part of my private arsenal for years. It’s called Crazy Egg and it has the power to turn your loser campaigns into overwhelming winners over night.

This isn’t “theory”. I use Crazy Egg on every page I run. You can put this into practice today and improve your sites right now.

First, I will go over how it works and then I’ll show you exactly how I use it to make more money.

Crazy Egg Review: 

(weird name, great tool)

I first came across Crazy Egg in 2008. At first I thought it looked cool but didn’t know what to do with it. I signed up for a free account and left it for months.

Later – when it finally  ‘clicked’ and I understood how I could use a  ‘Heatmap’ to my advantage… I found I could use it to make almost any landing page make more money.

Quick version: If you’re experienced and just want to get started:

Go to CrazyEgg.com and get a free account, setup a snapshot and place the code on your page. Then wait a few hours and optimize the hot spots. (Othewise, keep reading)

Wait, What is a Landing Page?

For those unfamiliar with affiliate marketing a landing page is basically a “bridge” that you own that is positioned between the ad you create and the offer you promote.

Landing Page - Crazy Egg

Instead of sending a visitor directly to a company’s website (and depending on their site to make the sale) you send them to a landing page that is PACKED with all the reasons the visitor should by the product, and THEN give them the option to buy.

If your landing page is good enough, you can highly increase the likelihood that they will buy.

What is Crazy Egg?

Crazy egg is a compact little script that quietly sits on your page, spies on your visitors and records everything they do on your site. It then allows you to view the data in beautiful visuals that paint a picture of exactly how people use your page.

When placed on your landing page, Crazy Egg can tell you:

  • Where your visitors came from
  • Exactly where they clicked
  • How much of your content they read
  • and more

Armed with this information I am able to make FAST and SMART decisions that improve my Landing Page CTR (Click Through Rate) and conversion rates in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.

How it Works

As I said, Crazy Egg sorts your data in beautiful ways. They do a great job of turning what could be a boring set of data into an absolute work of art.

There are four different views:

  1. Heatmap View
  2. Scrollmap View
  3. Confetti, List View
  4. Overlay View

Heatmap View

Crazy Egg Heatmap

Heatmaps are basically a picture of where people are clicking on your website. Each time someone clicks on your page, Crazy Egg records it and lumps it with all the other visitor’s clicks into “hotspots”. So – a hotspot is an  area on your page that is getting the most clicks.

Having this data takes all of the guesswork out of Landing Page optimization, allowing you to improve your pages much faster than the competition.

Here’s why. Using Crazy Egg heat maps – I routinely find popular areas on my pages that I would have never thought to optimize under normal circumstances.

While my competition is split testing headlines or testing images – I’m optimizing a block of text in the bottom of the right hand bar that according to my heatmap – is getting 80% of the clicks on the page.

The only way to find this stuff is to drop Crazy Egg on your page and let it go to work.

Scrollmap View

Crazy Egg Scrollmap

Scrollmaps show how far down the page my visitors are scrolling. If my CTA (Call to Action) is below the fold and my scroll map shows me that my users aren’t scrolling down far enough to see it, I bring the CTA up higher on the page and wammo – the page takes off and starts performing better.

The lighter the color – the longer that portion of the screen has been viewed. So Yellow is good.

Remember: It doesn’t matter how well your call to action button is designed. If 80% of your visitors never see it, you’re wasting your time and money.

Confetti View

Crazy Egg Confetti View

This is probably my favorite view. Confetti view shows you the exact places people are clicking on your page. Unlike heatmaps (which shows blobs of clicks all together), Confetti View shows each click individually, represented by a colored dot.

The dots are color coded based on all kinds of interesting data. Referrers, geo locations, browser type and more can all be viewed individually.

So if you find that visitors from Google are clicking a big, yellow button and visitors from Facebook are clicking a small text link you may decide that you need to create a separate landing page for each traffic source. (This is how you lock in those 1000% ROIs)

Tim Ferris Using Crazy Egg

Tim Ferris using CrazyEgg.com to track click patterns on the The 4-Hour Workweek blog

This kind of detail is insane. Not only is it helpful in making changes to your pages, it’s just fun as hell to dig around and play with.

Overlay View

Crazy Egg Overlay View

Using the overlay view you can easily see the number of clicks each link on your page is getting and the percentage of total clicks that link receives.

If you click ‘more’ on a box – you can get more detailed information about those clicks, including referrers, keywords and more. Overlay isn’t as “fun” as confetti view but to be honest I probably use it the most. It’s a straight forward way to look deeper into your stats.

List View

Crazy Egg List View

The list view is exactly what it says it is. A text list of all of the images and text links on your page that received clicks. The data is put into easy to read tables which can be sorted for easier reading.

Text links are represented by the linked text and images are shown by image name.

The Exact Process I Use with Crazy Egg

Ok – so now that you know what Crazy Egg does let’s put it into practice. Seriously, go to CrazyEgg.com and signup for a free account and let’s set it up together right now.

Let’s say I’m starting a new campaign today. After my Landing Page is setup and ready to go I’ll go over to crazyegg.com and get the script. Setup is very simple, I’m usually up and running in about 2 minutes.

How to Setup Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg Review - Dashboard Screenshot

Step 1: Login to your account and Cick “Add New Snapshot” to enter your new page into the Crazy Egg system.

crazy egg - enter url

Step 2: Enter the url that you want to test and the number of visitors you’d like to record.

Crazy Egg Get Script

Step 3: Add the code to your landing page just before the closing body tag </ body >

Crazy Egg verify script

Step 4: Test that the Crazy Egg script is working using their installation check tool.

That’s it for the setup. Now you just run some traffic and wait for some data to come in.

How Long Does it Take?

Crazy Egg takes anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to start showing stats. That actual time it takes is going to depend on how much traffic you are sending to your page.

Crazy Egg Stats PageFor example:

  • If you get 10 clicks a day, it could take a while to get some real data
  • If you’re getting 1000 clicks an hour it won’t take as long

What to Look For

After my stats are showing, the first thing I do is look at the Heatmap View and see where my page is getting the most clicks. Like I said – a lot of times it will be in some strange place I didn’t even think about. It could even be an area on the page that isn’t clickable.

Find What ‘Should Be’ Clickable

Several times I have found that users are clicking on an are of a page that ISN’T A LINK – so improving CTR is as easy as making that area clickable and boom! – CTR goes through the roof.

Once I’ve found a hot spot I’ll do some split testing on that area only. If Crazy Egg shows me that 75% of my visitors are scrolling down and clicking on a text link in the third sentence of the last paragraph, I will focus ALL of my attention on that area first.

Screw the headline and image – I’m working on hot spots.

Crazy Egg Optimization

Sometimes I find that doubling Landing Page CTR is as easy as changing one word in the hottest area on the page. If you know where to make changes it can be that easy.

After I’ve found my hotspot – I’ll create 2-5 new versions of the landing page, making changes only to that “hot” area and split test them to see if it makes an impact. If I find that one of my changes makes the landing page perform better (CTR and conversion rate) , I turn off all the other variations and run with my new winner. Then, I repeat the process.

This is exactly how I take a campaign from losing to winning.

It’s not rocket science.

  1. Put Crazy Egg on your page
  2. Find out exactly where your users are clicking
  3. Concentrate on that area
You might be shocked how fast you can turn a losing campaign into a run away winner.

The Bottom Line

crazy egg homepageCrazy Egg is a lethal tool for affiliate marketers and webmasters of any kind. It’s like getting to look over your user’s shoulder as they browse your site.

And it’s free.

Crazy Egg lets you play for free for 2 months. Try it out and see how it works. Once you understand how to use it – you’ll use it forever.

Conclusion: I’ve used Crazy Egg on almost every landing page and campaign I’ve launched for the last 5 years. I recommend you use it too, but the choice is yours.

Click here to get CrazyEgg.com for free right now



  • Zingali

    Step 1 : Create a site that actually generates traffic. Step 2 : Get CrazyEgg…………Got It!

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      Zingali – haha – traffic is definitely key here. But you can put Crazy Egg on any site regardless of the amount of traffic you get.

      A site with less traffic will just take longer to see results.

      Go get em,

  • Sam

    Wow, this post is excellent. Keep it up!

  • lovetrees

    It appears that you must have been paid to make this post. Several others on the web do not care for the program.

  • Jon

    CrazyEgg is not a good option, you should use Clicky or clicktale. CrazyEgg doesnt tell you this untill after you signup, but there heatmaps can not cover long website articles, they have a limit on the length of there heatmaps.