I’m Taking August Off

For almost two years I have written and posted something to this website every week.

The hard work and consistency have definitely paid off. My writing has improved, the blog is getting more traffic than ever and I have thousands of cool people like you subscribed to my email newsletter.

But the time has come for me to take a break.

Have you ever been trying to solve a problem – just banging your head on the desk for days without success. Then you go for a walk and all of the sudden the answer becomes clear?

That’s what I’m doing here.

I’m taking the entire month of August off to relax, regroup and walk around a bit. I also want to test some new lifestyle and work ideas that I’ve come up with lately that could change the game quite a bit.

While I’m gone, you can browse the full archive of posts, listen to some music or check in on Twitter or Facebook. And I’ll be back soon.

See you in the future,

  • CreationNation

    Enjoy the break brother man, you deserve it. No fun forcing things, and there’s a wealth of content here to go back and read 2-3 times over if needed. m/

  • Lucia

    Thanks for your content, Malan! See you soon!

  • jazzmaniac

    Have fun on your digital vacation, good sir. Your advice on here has always been tremendously helpful!

  • Jonatas Leal

    Have fun, man.
    Hey, don’t forget to do some Morning Coffee sessions 🙂

  • PG

    Enjoy it sir, more than deserved. Hope you get your travel on a bit! See you in the future 😉

  • Rory Coyle

    Nice man! Enjoy it. See you in the future!!!

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Have fun Malan! See you soon!

  • Petre Veluda

    Hey man, hope you’ll get the quiet time you are looking for and rest. It was an amazing journey so far and hopefully it will be even better starting this fall. See you soon! Enjoy your time off;)!

  • http://yussefgilkey.com Yussef Gilkey

    Malan kick back, enjoy yourself, contemplate whatever it is a man of your infinite wisdom contemplates and go get yourself a GTR. (Sorry I got in a little too deep)