Want To Change Your Life? Might As Well Jump

A few days ago a friend of mine posted a video to Facebook.

I should probably tell you now how much I hate videos that are posted to Facebook.

I hate them a lot.

It is my opinion that 99.99999% of the videos posted to Facebook are pointless, worthless, garbage.

I’m almost always 1-step away from deleting my Facebook account anyway – I swear the site is the death of humanity. Instead of “connecting the world” – it’s isolating us and turning us into sad, lonely sheep pushing buttons instead of socializing.

So when someone posts the latest viral B.S. that is making the rounds I have to restrain myself from throwing my laptop, ipad and phone out of my 15th floor apartment window and into the swimming pool below.

But the guy that posted this video is a solid dude.

He’s salt of the earth, good hearted and trustworthy. He’s from Iowa, rebuilds muscle cars and looks like a rock-n-roll Thor. He’s a bad motherf#cker and one of the select few Facebook friends that I actually like in real life.

So when I saw it was from him – I decided to give it a chance.

It looks suspiciously like “viral-FB-horse-crap” at first glance… and it IS shot on the set of ‘Family Fued’ but if you give it a chance and listen to it all the way through I think you’ll be floored – just like I was.

Warning: He says “God” a lot. If that weird you out, just do like I do and call it “The Universe“.

Here you go:

My Jump

I believe in just about every word that Steve Harvey says in this video. Especially in the second half, where he talks about the parachute not opening right.

I can apply it to my own life and have seen it happen in many others.

“Every successful person in this world… has jumped” 

You cannot just exist in this life, you’ve got to try to live.

So many of us are just existing.

Not many of us are living.

When I look back at my life/progress chart I can tell you that the biggest successes I have ever seen were proceeded by a really big jump.

The most notable would be when I quit my highest paying job ever, quit drinking, packed all my stuff into a little car and moved from Oklahoma to California… at the age of 34.

When I “jumped”, everyone around me thought I was crazy.

My friends and family wondered why I’d quit such a great job.

My landlord at the house I was renting in Oklahoma actually said “Why would you move to California NOW? You’re way too old for that kind of thing…

Two months later my entire life had changed for the better.

That was my jump.

What will be yours?

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  • Denis Collage

    Malan…just getting familiar with your blog, great stuff. And who doesn’t like some Van Halen? Just joined up with John Crestani and was told to follow you!!

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      tell John I said hi

      • http://johncrestani.com John Crestani

        Hey! Love the post

        • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

          thanks john #syitf

  • Alexis Avellan

    Good post.

    Either you make the jump or sometimes life forces you to make that jump. Either way, great things happen when you’re forced to leave your comfort zone.

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      sometimes you need life or someone else to push you off the cliff

  • Remy

    I’ve jumped several times myself. 10 yrs ago I quit a job as an insurance agent that was paying me more money than I ever made.

    My boss asked what I was going to do after I quit. I loved old cars and wanted to learn to work on them. So I told him my plan was work quit and live off my wife’s income while I go to trade school for auto mechanics.

    He said something similar to what your landlord said. He told me people at my age can finish school.

    I graduated a year and a half later.

    I love quitting jobs and starting over. It’s an adventure. I used to think something was wrong with me. Turns out I’m not made for the 9-5.

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      me neither

  • Sebin Thomas

    Another great post from you 🙂

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      thanks Sebin

  • Mitesh

    There’s always the worry that if one jumps and things don’t work its failed and then you’ve got settle for a mediocre life and going back to corporate life.

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      if you never jump you’re guaranteed a mediocre life, might as well try

  • Ken L

    Thanks Malan, I liked the video. This is the part that hits home for me too:
    “When you first jump, your parachute may not open right away…”
    “If you don’t jump, your parachute will never open…”

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      right on

  • Willy Enrione

    Im not a religious person, but hell I believe in “something”… this video reminded me of that. Thank You Malan!

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      I believe in “something” too, don’t know what – and neither does anyone else

  • http://www.andrewgrosman.com Andrew Grosman

    Agreed that 99% of it is useless, brain-diminishing drivel, mindlessly pushed at you via a 15yr old second cousin or bored grand mother.

    That said, there is content that ascends above the morass – and you (and this video), are living proof of that. It is because you are actually trying to improve lives, (others and your own), that I finally gave this video a chance, having seen it’s thumbnail on FB countless times after a friend mashed the share button. You have risen to a level of trust (and insight) that if Malan posted it, it’s worth watching. And I was right.

    Sidenote: Best VH album of all time – Women & Children First.