Good News: You’ve Been Lied To

Lately I’ve had this phrase going through my head. It’s at the same time refreshing, scary, comforting, happy, sad…

and true.

I posted it to Twitter yesterday. Here it is:

“Today, we’re learning that everything we were taught 20 years ago was wrong. 20 Years from now, we’ll learn it again.”

In the last 20 years, the entire world has changed. In 2017, anyone with an internet connection can learn the truth about The World and anything in it in a few minutes.

Gone are the days of trusting the Powers That Be or The Media. And that’s a good thing, because as it turns out… they lied about everything.

For example:

The list goes on and on.

But this shouldn’t be a downer. This information frees you from most of the fake rules and beliefs that are holding you back right now.

Use me as your example. Twenty years ago I believe that as a high school drop out my only employment options were working at Subway or a gas station. I did both of those things… then I found the internet and now I know better.

You can do it too… you’re probably smarter than me.

Do your research, find your path and pay zero attention to the old AND the new “rules”.

Today, we’re learning that everything we were taught 20 years ago was wrong.

20 Years from now, we’ll learn it again.


  • Cyberbrowski

    Point by point:
    We’ve been lied to? Who/what are YOU listening to?
    The ENTIRE WORLD has changed? Really? How?
    “Gone are the days of trusting the Powers That Be or The Media.” Weren’t alive during Vietnam or Nixon, eh? Or Hitler-Goebbels? Or…?
    “…lied about everything.” See point one.
    The media is completely biased. Then you give examples of two of the most biased sources. What about other outlets? Pacifica comes to mind. Take responsibility for what goes in your brain.
    People in Power are awful. You’ve met every one of them? Or are you relying on news sources you don’t trust?
    Ag industry corruption equals obesity and diabetes? This from a recovered alcoholic?? Take responsibility for what goes in your body.
    The average college grad earns – over the course of their lives – an average of a million dollars more than just a high school grad. Yes, there is $$ to be made online. But blanket statements are weak and lazy, full of holes and make your argument suspect.
    I’ve read everything you have put online. I expect better from you.

  • Traks

    The main advantage that formal education gives you, is the training on HOW TO LEARN.

    Most employers who higher university graduates do so not because of their skills or knowledge, but because they have proven that they have an ability to learn new things at a faster pace.

    Employers assume that new employees know nothing, but that they have the ability to learn. I’m sure that if you asked most working graduates if they are applying what they learned in university the would say, NO.

    SOME people do not know how to learn. Whether it’s because of family or social upbringing, they don’t understand the systematic and practical steps of educating themselves.

    I’m not talking about intelligence, there are some very intelligent but uneducated (and or ignorant) people in this world.

    Life is a continuous learning process. We evolve with knowledge. Therefore the ability to learn is crucial.

  • Rob

    This is off topic but I was trying to find a way to communicate with you and ultimately get some feedback. Loved the YouTube videos. So, how do you start? I left my career about a year ago sales / marketing (very little online except for copy writing for my account(s)) for a large electronics company. Took a year off for the first time in my life and don’t really want to go back to a corporate job. I’m interested in affiliate marketing but I’m not sure even where to begin. I live in Canada so I don’t know if there is even any opportunity here. I have some good computer knowledge, good writing skills, somewhat creative… I know your program costs money but there’s nowhere even to email you and ask questions. So, not sure about this. It would be nice to work under someone and learn the ropes somehow before making an investment…