Life is Long

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Video Transcript:

So today I was wondering, where the time has gone?

Where have the years disappeared? Where’d they go?

Some people say life is short…but I think their wrong.

I think life is long.

When you’re young, you feel like you have to live as fast and as hard as possible because this whole thing could be gone at any time. What we don’t realize when we are younger that life is long, and that the bodies that we inhabit need to be used for 70, 80, 90 maybe even 100 years.

So we have to take care of ourselves in a way that will support this body that we are inside of 50, 60, 70 years from today.

The things that you do today, this week, this month, this year; those are the things that determine the state you are going to be in many, many, many years down the road.

Life is long.

Things you are doing right now are going to shape the person you become on this long journey that we call life.

Life is not short, life is long.

You never know what your future is going to be. You may be young now, and you may think “Hey, I’m not going to live forever, I might be dead in 3 or 4 years.” And your lifestyle might be lived in that way. That’s what I did…

But then I realized. I found out that I wasn’t going to die young. That wasn’t part of my destiny, and now that I am going to be here for a long time and apparently, I needed to take better care of myself, and that’s when I started to make these major changes in my life.

I think that you should consider doing the same.

Place a bet on yourself,. Bet that you’re going to make it, bet that you’re going to live to be an old man or an old woman.

Start investing in yourself so that when you get down the road, and you are that old man or that old woman, you feel good, you look good, you can take care of yourself, and you can afford to buy yourself something to eat. Those things are going to be determined by the things you do now.

Starting today, make a bet on yourself and start investing in the future you.

Because the future you is going to need you.

Because life is not short, life is long.

  • Mark Wong

    I know it’s very important to take good care of the body but then sometimes i still can’t resist myself from eating rubbish food like McD etc.. How could you stay so focus and discipline??

    • Malan Darras

      Mark – for me it’s not that I never eat bad food. I just keep it about 80/20 good to bad. I also base it on my activity levels. If I trained hard that day, I’ll eat more. If I didn’t go to the gym, I’ll eat less.

      I actually recommend people eat junk food regularly. I do. It keeps me from ever needing to “cheat” or binge eat.

      • Mark Wong

        Thanks man!

      • Ken L

        Hey, this works for me too. Once I occasionally eat that stuff, I also find I don’t really want it that much anymore!

        • Malan Darras

          Same here. I ate clean 6 days a week and did hard core cheat days on Sundays for a few weeks. I ate pizza, cookies ice cream, as much as I could eat.

          It was fun at first, but after a while I got tired of feeling sick the next day and just stopped having them completely.

          Now I have a bowl of ice cream after my workouts – and “cheat” type foods on a regular basis… on cheat day needed.

    • Petre Veluda

      I was going to recommend the same thing. Eat whatever you want whenever you want. Drink, party, etc. Don’t limit yourself because once you do that you’ll always want the forbidden fruit more than anything.

      The key is to set a goal, to loose weight, gain muscles, stay healthy whatever suits your present state best. Then eat and drink what makes u feel good and u know it will return results, because McD won’t make u feel good, believe me. Once u make a habit out of that, eating junk, sleeping 4h a night or lots of alcohol won’t be so appealing anymore.

      And learn in small circles. Read “The Art of Learning” or “The power of habit” and you’ll learn how powerful it is to exercise 2 min/day or making a habit of drinking half a litter of water each morning. Small consistent steps. Set a goal for each day and achieve it, don’t work for what u want to be in three months, but rather for what you need to do each day in order to be where u want to be in 3 months.

      • Mark Wong

        Appreciate that 🙂 I guess taking baby step is the best i could start off, thanks!

  • Ken L

    “Hey, I’m not going to live forever, I might be dead in 3 or 4 years.” – This is pretty much what I kept telling myself until a few years ago.

    It never actually happened of course. I also realised that this may be something many of us go through when we’re younger. Many of the older generation I meet regularly think quite differently.

    • Malan Darras

      yeah i think once you get past 30, or 40 you have to admit… “ok, maybe i’m going to be here for a while” haha

  • Petre Veluda

    Very dramatic video 🙂 but I guess u had the mood for it. I liked it, so maybe you’ll have this mood again.

    Life is long, nice to get out of the cliche of that “life is short” phrase. What does that even mean? From my experience I would say people all around us think that because they look back at all the years that have passed and realise they have lived a dull, “safe” life and didn’t accomplish much, didn’t influence the world in any way.

    So most likely having kids, a house, two cars and blaming the government for everything won’t return too much inner peace when you are 60.

    I guess life is short if you wake up at 40 realising 10 years had passed and you are in the same spot you were when you turned 30. This is my view on your message: your old days are build when you are young.

    • Malan Darras

      thanks Petre, just experimenting with new things. and yes “your old days are built when you are young” is it

  • Carl

    Life is long but most opportunities are fleeting, particularly when it comes to the affiliate industry, and being young and fit.

    I’m only 31 and already due to certain injuries and health issues I cant do some things now that I could do 10 years ago, so in that respect I can totally agree, you need to look after yourself.

    Also loving a bit of Moonlight Sonata 🙂

    • Malan Darras

      “opportunities are fleeting” – but more are always on the way 😉

  • Desmond

    I am “relatively” young (25), but it feels like 35-40.

    I remember I wanted to die young as well. I don’t know the reason though. to be remembered young maybe? I don’t know.

    • Malan Darras

      yeah i think dying young is glamourous. i mean you never get old, you’re forever young (rod stewart). I have two brothers that died at around the age of 26 – and they’re always going to be 26. they’ll never get wrinkles, they’ll never lose their hair.

      but for me – I kept crossing thresholds… 21, 25, 27, 30, etc. I had a realization that I might need to consider that I might live to be 80-90 years old. And if I wanted to have any kind of quality of life when I got there- I had to start planning accordingly.