Live Q&A Session #3: Saturday, Dec 6th 2014

It’s time for the 3rd Live Q&A Session. I’ve decided to set aside 2 hours this weekend to hang out with you and answer any questions you might have about online marketing, fitness or just life in general.

Here are the details:

  • Date: Saturday Dec. 6th, 2014
  • Time: 2pm – 4pm PST
  • Location: Private link will be emailed to newsletter subscribers
  • Price: Free

This is an exclusive event for my email newsletter subscribers. Invitations will not be posted publicly. I’ll email a personal invitation link to newsletter subscribers one hour before the session starts. (so 1pm PST)

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Why you should be there

This is the 3rd time I’ve done this. And as always, it may be the last. I’m giving two hours of my time to you for free – and I’m not sure why. It’s probably just because I love you.

I’ve turned down offers of $5000 for personal mentoring in the past because I don’t want the commitment right now. But doing these two hour Q&A Sessions when I have the time, on my own schedule works out fine.

You’ll get access to a video chat where you can ask me any question you want, live.

Some of the topics covered in the past:

  • How much money should I spend before stopping a campaign?
  • Direct Link or Landing Page?
  • How to make banner ads
  • How To Get Low CPCs on Facebook
  • How to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting
  • What workout should I be doing?
  • How to Use Email Lists on Affiliate Campaigns
  • How do you scale on Facebook?

I do my best to give honest answers that you can use right away. So start thinking of your questions now and bring them with you on Saturday.

See you there,

P.S. Don’t forget that this is PST. If you live in a different time zone be sure to show up at the right time.

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P.S.S. If you read this far down, go ahead and post some questions in the comment section. I’ll choose a handful and answer them live in the session as well.

  • Zak Goodman

    Have you ever considered selling a physical product of your own? It seems like there are a lot of Internet Marketers jumping on that ‘bandwagon’ right now…particularly via Amazon’s FBA program.

    Additionally, a decent Amazon product listing page converts anywhere between 25-50%…not sh**ting you. I am not an affiliate marketer, but I hope to learn how to drive traffic from sources like Google and Facebook to our listing on Amazon as it seems we are garnering just about all the Amazon traffic we possibly can.

    I’d bet a great niche for QUALITY affiliate marketers would be to approach product leaders on Amazon and work out affiliate deals with them (they ALL want more traffic)…I know we aren’t the only manufacturers who wish we knew how to drive quality external traffic to our Amazon listing. With a conversion rate of 25-50%, it seems like it would be a slam-dunk.

    • Malan Darras

      Zak, I can’t tell if this is an ad or a question.

      • Zak Goodman

        Hey Malan, sorry about that! I’m not a regular comment-on-blogs kind of guy…please excuse my bad etiquette. I do mean that question seriously, though.

        “Have you ever considered selling your own physical product?” That seems to be a huge trend for a lot of affiliates and internet marketers these days…based upon my personal experience.

        Once again, sorry if my comment seemed spammy.

  • Hakim

    Awesome Man! been present for the last 2, great value as always !looking forward to it Malan , and btw I asked you a question in last Q&A about how to use voluum data to optimise my compaigns, but in my case, my traffic source can provide costumised traffic! :/
    Exemple :
    – 80% of my traffic is profitable green (windows, chrome&firefox ,…)
    – 20% is not (Mac,Mobile, explorer….)

    given the fact that i’m buying the traffic anyway how could i go green ?:D

    Thanks malan see u Saturday

    • Malan Darras

      hey Hakim, you may want to rephrase your question. I’m not sure what you’re asking.

      Hint: For me, a good question is one sentence and ends with a question mark.

      • Hakim

        thanks malan:D my bad ! I will try to clarify further .

        1- My taffic source doesnt have targeted trafic options (can’t select only windows users, or only mobile ..)

        2-I have a couple of offers that are profitable , but only in 80% of the traffic that i’m buying, that leaves 20% unexploited traffic & it’s making me go RED aka loosing money

        So my question is, given this conditions how do i go green , or make that 20% of shitty traffic profitable , suggestions?

        I hope that it’s clear now 😀 , and thanks alot man

        • Malan Darras

          Hakim –

          If you can’t target Windows, mobile, etc on your traffic source you’ll have to work on optimizing other places.

          1. Ads / Angles
          2. Landing pages
          3. Offers

          If you’re 80% profitable, a few tweaks to your ads or landing pages will probably push you over the top. Just keep testing, every day for a few weeks if necessary and you’ll push it into profits.

          • Hakim

            Thanks malan! I will do that and see if i go green, time to create 30 ads / LPs , thanks alot again ! (y) YOu rock

  • Ken L

    Looking forward to this Malan! Here’s my question if you can find the time.

    Do you have any advice for effectively tackling ad fatigue on FB (newsfeed ads)? Do you just keep switching out images/headlines/CTA or recreate the entire campaign?

  • Mischa BC

    What are your thoughts on making a content site with affiliate offers with native advertising as opposed to direct linking or single landing pages? (how competitive is it? What kind of budget is needed? How much value are you building?)

    Thanks Malan,
    Looking forward to this

  • Ken L

    I was on the call and found it very helpful. Anyone who missed it should watch the replay (or even catch up on all the others too).

    Thanks for answering my questions Malan. Appreciated!