Live Q&A Session #4: Saturday, Feb 28th 2015

It’s time for the 4th Live Q&A Session. The session will last for 2 hours this weekend and give us a chance to hang out and talk about online marketing, fitness, life and any other questions you have.

Here are the details:

  • Date: Saturday Feb. 28th, 2015
  • Time: 2pm – 4pm PST
  • Location: Private link will be emailed to newsletter subscribers
  • Price: Free

This is an exclusive event for my email newsletter subscribers. Invitations will not be posted publicly. I’ll email a personal invitation link to newsletter subscribers one hour before the session starts. (so 1pm PST)

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Also If you have questions now post them in the comments section of this post and I’ll pick a few to answer at the beginning of the session before we go into live Q&A.

See you there,

P.S. Don’t forget that this is PST. If you live in a different time zone be sure to show up at the right time.

  • Takis

    1. As a newbie, what is the best way to get accepted into an affiliate network?
    (I’ve been refused by more than a few when I tell them I’m new to the game.)
    2. Which network do you believe would be best suited for a newbie? Or does it depend on the luck of the draw for the right AM?

    Thanks in advance, always looking forward to your posts.

  • RayofJay

    As you have achieved your big goals, and live with freedom,
    Then, What is your Life Purpose Now?
    Can you tell us how to find our own life purpose?


  • Peter

    How well do you know your AM’s? When going for bigger payouts do you usually use leverage such as “I’m testing another network beside you and they’re paying me more, if you don’t pay me more I will shut down traffic to you” or do you go the nice way of just asking nicely and trying to build a relationship with the AM where both of you like each other at least to some extent?

    I think the second option is my ‘go to option’ but I just want to know your thoughts on this.

    Keep doing what you’re doing because clearly you love it and at the same time provide real value to other people.


  • David

    From researching your offers, creating the banners, building your landers, to having them approved on the traffic sources. How long does it take you?

    Are there any hacks you’ve learned to reduce that time?

    Purpose of question: gage speed of execution not sure if 3-4 days is too long to accomplish all that as a one man army. Thanks


  • Roy

    Did you send the link?

  • Ken

    Malan I haven’t received your link…and it’s 2:12pm PST now. Have I already missed out?

  • Ralphy

    Hey Malan, thanks for doing another Q&A!
    Last time I listened to them I was only thinking about getting into paid traffic.

    Fast forward to this day, I have launched a bunch of campaigns and already spent my first $1k on mobile.

    The question is, have you had success with sweeps? If so, which type of traffic do you think works best for such offer? Display or pops?

    Would love to hear your opinion on both of these types of traffic!

  • Zach

    Haven’t seen the link…can you resend?

  • John Ludena

    Hey Malan, I was already a subscriber of your mailing list so I got a message saying so when I tried to signup for your Q & A. Hopefully I didn’t miss it because I haven’t seen anything in my email….

    • Malan Darras

      Looks like my email service may have slow-played delivery yesterday. About 1/2 of you got the email late. I’ll send it out earlier next time.