New Month. New Chance To…

It’s July 1st, 2016. Wow is this year flying by or what?

I’ve been doing a lot (almost daily) videos on YouTube and wanted to share todays’ video with you.

[If you’re reading this in an email you’ll need to go the website to see the video]

In the video:

  1. Looking back at last month.
    At the end of each month I look back and see what went right and what went wrong. If things were going well and then fell apart I try to pinpoint what happened and fix it.

    Sometimes it’s as simple as going back to what you were doing just before the problems started. In this case I relate it to my affiliate marketing profits, but it can be applied to anything really.

  2. Reviewing failures and successes.
    What went right? What went wrong? Where did I get stuck? Last month I was kind of all over the place with goals I want to accomplish. That wasn’t great, but I can fix that.

    I was more social than normal and have been enjoying lots of time out and about with other people, talking in depth about life, work, music and marketing. That went really well. Definitely more of that in July.

  3. Planning out the 2nd half of the year.
    I’ll be getting more focused for the rest of the year (see Arnold’s focus below). Hopefully I can pull off 2-3 major things I’d like to get done before 2017.

    The trick is to not try to it all at once, but split it up into sections and focus on one at a time.

  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s focus.
    I got a great comment on this YouTube video where I explained how I got caught between being an “web guy” and a “musician guy”. I called the mixture ‘BuddhaBot’, a combination of the two sides.

    The commenter explained how Arnold did it. He chose one thing and focused on it until he’d dominated it. Then he moved to the next thing. First he dominated bodybuilding, then movies, then politics and now… he’s king of the world.

    This is definitely how I’m going to go about things for the rest of the year. You should too.

    Have 10 things you want to get done? Write them down, pick one and finish it. Then go to the next one. Otherwise, you’re always scrambling and never focused. Focus is the key.

  5. Slow carb diet progress.
    I’m 3-4 weeks in on the Slow Carb diet and am really enjoying it so far. I eat lean meat, veggies, beans/lentils and almonds six days a week. Then one day a week I go crazy and eat pizza, ice cream, burgers and donuts.

    It’s working really well for me as I try to slim my waist down just a bit more (shooting for that 31.5 inch Greek God waistline).

    The best part about the Slow Carb thing compared to other diets is that you’re never hungry. If you’re hungry, you eat another plate of meat, veggies and beans. It’s that simple.

    Turns out – it’s hard to overeat those whole foods – and you naturally stay in a deficit. So far – The Slow Carb Diet is Malan-Approved.

That’s it,

Hope you had a great June and are ready for July. I’m sure there are some BBQs and fireworks in your plans this weekend (if you live in the US) but after that – let’s get focused and kill the rest of the year.

See you in the future,


  • Quinton Hamp

    Buddahbot was one of the best blog posts you did.

    I’ve been intermittent fasting for the last 2 weeks. Weight is down and energy and focus are up.

    Need to try the slow carb again. I had good success with it last time, but it was difficult for me to stay true to the program.

    • Malan Darras

      thanks man – i wish the buddhabot site was still alive.

      Slow Carb – the meat/beans/veggies get a bit monotonous – but looking forward to cheat day also has some sort of magical power that keeps me in check.