Roll A Pebble

I think Amazon’s secret goal is to turn the world into The Matrix.

Every week there is another new app, technology or delivery service that makes it possible for you to push a button on your phone and get something delivered to your house in a few days.

Or one day.

Or an hour.

It’s convenient as hell. But it is also making it easier and easier for you and I to never need to leave our house again.

Want groceries? Push a button.

Want a massage? Push a button.

Need batteries? Push a button.

Want sushi? Push a button.

Want to get laid? Push a button. (Ok, Ok I don’t do this but I’m sure it exists)

Now – combine that with an introverted person like me who also works from home and what do you get?

You get a person who stays ‘plugged in’ to the machine and has no reason to leave their apartment.

For any reason.


That’s The Matrix.

Maybe you’re caught up in it too… The Convenience Trap.

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you’re an affiliate marketer of some kind. And this is especially prevalent in our little community of wackos.

That’s because one of the requirements to be able to do really well at this thing is that you be able to sit in front of the computer for 8-18 hours a day. You have to be an introvert-type who is willing/able to dream up ideas and test them for days/weeks/months/years on end in quiet solitude.

If you’re life is busy and you drive an hour to work and back every day and go to the grocery store every week, and Walmart six times a month – Never having to leave your house again might sound like a great thing to you. And it is… to a degree.

But after several days/weeks (ok months) of hanging out by yourself, quietly working inside your head, the convenience turns into pain.

But the longer you’ve stayed in. The harder it is to get out.

So what do you do?

You roll a pebble.

How It Happens

As I said, I like to push the limits of how much time I can spend in my apartment. And after 5–6 days of only leaving the house to go the gym – I start getting reeeeeeeally uncomfortable.

At times like this I know I need to escape – But sometimes it was still hard to get out the door.

So I roll a pebble.

I open my door, roll a pebble down the hallway towards the elevator (I live in a hi-rise apartment building) and then I go get it.

When I get the pebble I roll it again.

Please note: The “Pebble” is a metaphor – I don’t really have a little rock that I chase around like a mental patient.

Roll a Pebble

When you have a problem, roll a pebble towards the solution.

How It Works

A week or so ago I got that feeling that I’d been spending too much time inside. So I decided I had to do something… anything as long as it wasn’t inside my apartment.

I decided to go to my building’s fitness center and do 10 minutes of walking cardio to get my blood pumping.

So I opened my door and “rolled a pebble” out my door toward the fitness center.

I ended up doing 40 minutes of cardio and burned some calories. My blood started moving and I felt better.

After cardio, I had more energy so I “rolled a pebble” again.

This time I rolled it to the pullup bars and did a few sets of body weight pull ups. My shoulders and back lit up with heat and energy. I felt a little bit better.

So I “rolled a pebble” again.

This time down I rolled it down to the pool to get some sun and watch a little TV in the outdoor living room they have set up out there. The sun felt amazing on my skin and my energy went up a little bit more.

After 15 minutes in the sun I “rolled a pebble” to my car and got in and took a drive around town for 45 minutes. During the drive I opened Periscope and did a live drive and chat with 50–60 of you guys that read the site. I told them exactly what I was doing. (rolling the pebble)

Note: Periscope is a live video feed app. Get the app here and follow “Malan Darras”

After the drive I decided I was done. So I went back to my building, up the elevator and back into my apartment.

I looked at the clock.

My 10 minutes of cardio had turned into over 2 hours of being out and about.

How Does It Feel?

During my little adventure I ended up getting some exercise, some sun + Vitamin D and I went for a drive.

  • I felt totally refreshed for the day.
  • Any anxiety / cabin fever I was feeling was gone.
  • My shoulders and cheeks were sun tanned.
  • My mind was clear.
  • I was in a much better place mentally to do good work.

I “rolled a pebble” out the door and chased it – and it led me on a little adventure. Nothing major went down, I was just out and about and it felt great.

Other Uses

Not everyone is like me. In fact, some of you may have the opposite problem.

Maybe instead of getting stuck inside you get “stuck outside”. Maybe you can’t anything done because you’re so busy being out in the world having a good time.

Good news: this can work for you too.

  • Can’t get the gym? Roll a pebble to the gym and do one set of curls. If you feel good, do some more
  • Can’t get your blog started? Roll a pebble to a domain name registrar and spend $10 on a domain name. Then, maybe install WordPress.
  • Songwriter’s block? Roll a pebble to your guitar and find two chords that work together.

Whenever you’re feeling stuck or having a problem. Roll a pebble towards a small step in the solution

Start Small

Starting small was the key that got me moving – and put me in the game.

Think about it: If you tell yourself “Ok I’m going to go do 40 minutes of cardio (SH#T!), Then do pull ups (ARGH!!), Then go out the pool and then go for a 45 minute drive” it may have seemed like too much to deal with. You might just say ”forget it” and blow the whole thing off.

But by starting small and “rolling a pebble” down to the gym to do 10 minutes of cardio you start a chain reaction that turns your little pebble into a big boulder of activity by the end of the day.

So the next time you feel stuck inside and don’t know how to get going, do what I do.

Roll a pebble out the door towards something.

Then go pick it up

And then… roll it again.

  • Remy

    Great post Malan. I have 3 small kids, so everyone once in a while I have to pull my eyes off the computer screen and go hug them or see how their day was. It’s so easy to have them go on auto pilot sometimes and have them watch tv or video games.

    I get caught up in trying to make it big online and create a bright future that I forget that NOW is happening right in front of me.

  • John Anstett

    Another great post Malan! I have a few projects I’m currently procrastinating on, and the idea of starting small is a great way to build up momentum.

  • Andrew Grosman

    I’m “stuck outside” man. Drivin’, grocery gettin’, 8 to 5’in and child rearin’. All of it necessary, but it does hamper IM progress. : /

    But this was important food for thought. You don’t have to move a progress boulder
    ….just roll a pebble.