Watch The Q&A #7 Replay

Every month or so I do a live Q&A session on my Youtube channel with the readers of my website.

It’s been going on for a long time now. And a few weeks ago we gathered again for another hour or two of questions, answers, music and Monster Energy drinks.

The 7th Live Q&A Session went down on Thursday, Sept 24th 2015

I always get hit with a ton of affiliate marketing questions, which I’m more than happy to answer. But there were a few non-affilliate related things in there as well.

Here are a few of the questions that were answered:

  • Do you always wait for statistical significance to choose a winner?
  • Do you have any specific tips for facebook landing pages in 2015?
  • Do you collect emails or you just go for the affiliate sale?
  • What are your thoughts on the future of mobile?
  • What are the basic funamentals of affiliate marketing?
  • How can I run on Adwords without direct linking or bridge pages?
  • How’s your gym training going? Any new supplements your trying?
  • When swiping banners and landers, do you modify it immediately or do you run it first to see if it works and then modify it?

It takes a few minutes in the beginning to get everyone into the Hangout and to make sure the audio is working. First question starts at 5:36.

Don’t see a video? Click here to watch it on Youtube.

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See you in the future, #syitf

  • Ken L

    Thanks for another great session Malan. Take care. #SYITF.

  • TaeWoo

    Awesome Malan. Two questions
    1. What’s the name of the network whose owner mortgaged his house to pay the pubs? Is it a4d?
    2. What is the order of priority for your optimization process? If you had to rate what would they be: angle, ad, placement, lp, offer?