I want to do a lot of stuff before I die. Know what I mean?

The problem is that I can’t do it all at once. And most of the things I want to do aren’t connected in any way.

I want to record music, run campaigns, run the forum, create a video course, write a few ebooks, write a few real books, stay in shape, buy a compound in the woods and start a cult….

You know – stuff like that.

When you want to do a lot of things it’s really easy to get stuck jumping from project to project on a daily/weekly (or even hourly) basis.

You can get stuff done like this, but it’s definitely not going to create your best work in ANY of the areas you work in.

Why? Because you have no focus.

Lately I’ve been working out a way to make everything happen and realize that what I need is FOCUS.

When you focus on a single goal for a period of time – you can do amazing things.

I mean one thing.
Just one.
Not two.
Just one.

Imagine what you could accomplish if for the next 4 months you had no other responsibilities, no job to report to, no family to care for, no significant other to answer to.

Imagine it’s just you, focused 100% on your dream for the next four months.

What could you accomplish?



Right now I’m experimenting with breaking my time into “Seasons”.

And each Season will focus on a single goal.

Here’s an example of what my year would look like, when broken into seasons. Let’s say I want to accomplish three major goals this year.

There are 12 months in the year, divide that by the number of goals and you have your Season’s length.

12/3 = 4 months per ‘Season’.

  1. Jan-April: Project 1
  2. May-Aug: Project 2
  3. Sept-Dec: Project 3

Each project gets a Season and during it’s Season it is the singular goal.

No other project are allowed to infiltrate my focus.

If Season 1 is recording an album, then all I’ll be doing is making music. If Season 2 is building an affiliate marketing software, that’s all I will do during that Season.


Of course – this won’t be perfect. Things will sneak into my schedule from time to time. But the focus is still clear.

If I’m in a “Music” season and something else pops up. I will do that thing, but the difference is that I will now know exactly where to return to once I’m done.

  • I’m recording an album
  • I get an opportunity to speak in China at an affiliate conference
  • I go to China for a week
  • I come home and immediately start writing/recording the album again

Side Hustlers

Having a “Side hustle” isn’t easy. Especially if you have a family that depends on you to pay the bills and be a good, engaged and present family member.

This concept of ‘Seasons’ could be very beneficial to you.

Back when I started affiliate marketing my girlfriend could not stand that I was working all the time. She felt ignored, probably hurt and thought I was “playing around with my Twitter friends”.

She had no idea what I was doing or the potential it had for my (our) future.

The relationship died because I wasn’t able to find any kind of balance at the time. I didn’t want to hang out, go to the beach, get dinners or anything else. I was sucked in 100% into this online marketing thing.

What if I was using the Seasons concept back then? It probably would have saved the day.

Her: “You work too much and never want to hang out, I’m sick of it!”
Me: “Right now I’m in a Season of work and am dedicating all my time to it. It ends in May. Pick an island you want to go to and on May 1st, we’ll leave…”
Her: “Oh cool! That’s a great idea! You’re the best!!”

Haha – ok so it may not go down as easily as that – but you get the idea.

I get contacted by a lot of people who are struggling to split their time between work, family and their dreams.

So I hope this helps you.

The point is – if you’re going to be in Family Season. You need to focus 100% of your time, effort, love and attention on the family.

Then when ‘Side-Hustle Season’ comes around – they know you’re going to disappear into your computer and try to make something great happen for all of you.

Things always go easier if it’s expected and planned and everyone involved knows the deal.


It’s very hard to focus on one single thing at a time. Life is always going to throw stuff at us that we aren’t expecting. And sometimes these things can’t be ignored.

I’m not saying these things won’t be done because you can’t NOT take your kid to the hospital because you’re in “Gardening Season”…

But by breaking your time into Seasons – at least you create a radar that will guide you back on track whenever the distraction is done.

Life Seasons

This ‘Seasons’ concept can be much bigger than just a yearly thing.

Most of us change our minds during different times in our lives.

  • Age 5: I wanna be an astronaut
  • Age 15: I wanna be a rock star
  • Age 25: I wanna be a lawyer
  • Age 35: I wanna be a dancer
  • Age 55: I wanna write books
  • Age 75: I wanna take care of animals

You could realistically do all of these things throughout your life.

Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger:


  • World’s best body builder
  • One of the world’s most famous actors
  • Governor of one of the biggest states in America
  • ???

Arnold definitely could not have done all of those things at once. But by breaking them apart into Seasons – he was able to focus 100% of his efforts on each part – and in my opinion… he did pretty well.


Most of us want to accomplish more than one thing in our lives. The problem is we try to do them all at the same time.

By breaking all your different goals into Seasons, you can focus 100% of your time on that one thing until it’s done.

That focus will ensure that the end product is MUCH higher quality than it would have been if you’d been doing 10 other things at the same time.

I think it’s an interesting concept that could be pretty damn helpful to people like you and me.

What do you think?

  • Peter Kell

    Man who chased 2 rabbits catches none. You nailed it man. Be Obsessed with 1 thing.

  • Peter Kell

    Man who chases 2 rabbits catches none. You nailed it man. be obsessed with 1 thing.

    • Malan Darras


  • Faris

    so you do everything as usual but you change your default state to that one thing

    • Faris

      I hope I’m getting the idea clear because I was thinking how would you keep up with tasks like staying in shape that depreciate when you leave them

      • Malan Darras

        staying in shape / working out is always in season.