I’m Not Supposed to Post This, and Why I Probably Did

malan_small_headDear You,
I probably know your name, but as of today the geeks at The Internets haven’t figured out a way for my website to realize who you are based on your reflection it the computer monitor. So today – I’m just going to call you, “You”.

I was going to call you “Reader” or “Friend” but that sounds ridiculous. If we met in person I would never say “Hi Reader! I’m Writer” or “Hello Friend, I’m Friend!”

I’m sticking with “You”. Because I could very likely say “Hey… um, You!” if I forgot your name in a real life situation.

I am not supposed to be writing this today.

I am also not supposed to post anything on a Sunday because according to scientific research on writing and sharing content online – most people are not supposed to be reading sites like mine on a Sunday.

But you are – so “Hello”.

This post is not on my schedule. It’s not SEO optimized and it’s not going out at an optimal time of the day. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings seemed to get the most views. But honestly, who cares?

Today – I am just writing.

It’s 7:50am, Sunday morning in Hollywood, California
I am on my second cup of coffee
I’m listening to Boards of Canada
I feel like hell after staying out way too late last night at an arcade
My throat is destroyed from scream/laughing while racing cars against my friends

I just wanted to say Thank You

Really – thanks for coming here and reading this stuff. Thanks for commenting, liking and sharing the posts with your friends. Thanks for joining my newsletter and talking with me in email.

The response to the site over the last three months has been incredible. Traffic is slowly growing every week and I’m meeting people from all over the world. There are certainly sites out there with more traffic. I’m just happy to watch our little community grow.


I love hearing that the things I write are helping you.
Truth is – writing them helps me too.

It feels good to write – and it feels good to be read. Comments, likes and shares are like “High Fives!” to me. And when you interact with one of my posts – I feel like I’m doing something right.

So today – no lessons. No keyword optimization. No minimum word counts. It’s just me and you – sitting in front of our computers trying to make life better.

Affiliate marketing changed my life. Music is my passion. Working out keeps my head in check. I hope that by writing about these things here I can help you solve your problems too.

I want you to make a million dollars
I want you to get in the best shape of your life
I want you to recreate yourself

But for now I just want you to read this: Thank You.

That’s all.

See you next week,

  • lesc1aypool

    High Five!

    Fun memory-last conversation we had was about starting a Soul Coughing cover band. Sitting at the bar at Tsunami in Tulsa. Imagine that…

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      Definitely (kind of) remember that… It’s funny how talking about starting a band while drunk didn’t make you rich and famous, right?

  • Nikola Cvrtnjak

    Just wanted to holla at you. Stay awesome! 😉

  • Debra

    Dear You! I just love you! Thank you for writing

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      High Five!

  • Victor Ayon

    racing cars like go-karts or fast and furious on the streets?

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      No go-karts – they were multi-player car racing video games. There was also a little track in a glass box with small, metal cars on a little track. It was cheaply made but probably the most fun game of the night. Felt like we were 12 years old.

  • Kang

    Thank YOU for the awesome content you’re putting out, you definitely inspired me to keep putting out more of my own stuff!

  • jchico

    Thanks to you, Malan. I’ve been reading your posts like an oracle of information in my first steps in affiliate marketing. You’ve made me happy when I read things that I was already doing, and taught me lessons when I realised that I was doing things I wasn’t supposed to do. BUT, this post, although you wrote it long time ago, it has inspired me the most.
    Thanks to you, Malan.