Voluum News: Unlimited Free Tracking for Zeropark Campaigns

You’ve heard of Voluum right?

It’s one of the sickest tracking systems in the online marketing world. And starting today, you can get unlimited tracking for ZeroPark campaigns for free.

If you know what means and want to get started right away, you can use my referral link to sign up for Voluum now.

If not, let me explain.

About a week ago I was reading a forum post. It was from a new affiliate who was using Zeropark and a free Voluum account. He was fighting to get his campaign profitable.

After a few days of testing he was profitable. His campaign was making about $20 a day. He was excited BUT his free Voluum clicks had run out and he didn’t have the money to pay the $99 monthly fee.

He had a profitable campaign ready to go but didn’t have the money to run it.

He was broke and had a family and $99 was like $1 Million to them. And although his campaign was making $20 a day he wasn’t sure if it would last so he couldn’t justify risking the $99/month because, well… he needed food for his kids.

So he quit.

Today, I woke up and saw the news that Voluum was now free for unlimited Zeropark traffic. All I could think of was this guy, standing in his living room jumping for joy.

Here’s their update:

Free tracking for ZeroPark campaigns!

As more and more Voluum users are buying traffic from our ad network ZeroPark – which by the way will soon be the biggest source of PPV traffic in the world – we’ve decided to make the tracking of ZeroPark events completely free. If you haven’t already tried ZeroPark, make sure to and check it out as we’ll soon have over 25 billion visitors for sale each month. It’s also directly integrated into Voluum so you have exact cost tracking and everything pre-defined.

What is Voluum?

Voluum is one of the top campaign tracking systems on the market right now. I was told about it early on by one of the best Facebook affiliates in the world. It’s pretty sick actually and looks sexy as hell.

I wrote an in-depth comparison of Voluum vs CPVLab here.

Voluum Review

You use Voluum to track your campaigns. It shows you all kinds of details about the people that visit your website.

  • Location
  • The type of device (phone, laptop, iPad, etc)
  • Their operating system
  • Which ad they clicked
  • Which traffic source they came from
  • If they clicked through the landing page
  • If the bought something

With this kind of information you can make almost any campaign profitable.

Where Voluum really shines is that it’s hosted, so you don’t have to host and manage a tracking server yourself. If you’re code-challenged like me, that’s a big deal. With Voluum, you login, setup a campaign and start running traffic.

Price: $99 a month

The only thing that holds most new affiliates from using Voluum is it’s price tag. It’s free up to a certain number of visitors a month, but if you’re running a campaign with lots of traffic, especially a PPV campaign you can run out of free clicks pretty quick.

But now you can use Voluum to run ZeroPark traffic for free.

What is Zeropark?

Zeropark is a traffic source that is run by the guys that made Voluum. This is why they’re doing this, it’s in their best interest to let you run Voluum for free, because they make money on their traffic source (win/win). I don’t personally use Zeropark but only because I’m focused elsewhere.

They’re high volume and say they will soon have over 25 Billion visitors per month.

Their traffic is made up of mainly redirect traffic. Redirect traffic comes from parked domains, that domainers use to make money.


  • Steve buys dating.com and is getting 2 Million visitors per day
  • Steve hires Zeropark to redirect his traffic to affiliates
  • You bid on Zeropark to get Steve’s traffic (online dating)
  • Zeropark sends them to your landing pages
  • You show them online dating offers and make cash

If that sounds like something you’re into. You can signup at Zeropark here (not an aff link).

How to Use Voluum with Zeropark

Now let’s put it all together. When Zeropark starts sending visitors to your page, you can use Voluum to find the profitable streams of traffic.

Voluum actually comes with Zeropark already setup as a traffic source so it’s really easy to setup a campaign and get started.

For example, you might start the campaign by buying traffic from 3 different sites. Dating.com, FunDating.com and HotDating.com. You spend $100 and only make $50 back.

Don’t panic.

You can use Voluum’s drill down tools and see that all of your conversions are coming from Dating.com which only spent $25. So you pause FunDating.com and Hotdating.com and try again.

This time, Dating.com spends the same $25 and makes the same $50.

You just doubled your money. Try spending $250 and see what happens.


So that’s how it works. If you’re looking for a profitable campaign I’d suggest you give this a try. As with anything else, it’s not free money, you’ll still have to do the work.

But now you can do it with a high volume traffic source and one of the best tracking systems for free.

Click Here to Try Voluum for free

  • Petre Veluda

    Nice to post about this. ZeroPark was my first traffic source and I really enjoyed working with them. Indeed, they are specialised in redirect so obviously their redirect traffic works best, at least for me it did.

    Did you have a chance to take a look at Thrive? It’s the tracker developed by the guys from iPyxel. I’m asking because I didn’t and I was really happy with pofPRO back in the day when I was advertising there.

    PS Another great QA Malan. Haven’t had the change to post a comment there but I did watch it this week so keep them coming whenever you feel like it ;)!

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      yeah i was going to try Zeropark a few months back because i think the redirect traffic would be super high qualify for an offer i’m promoting. but i keep my blinders on and decided to stay focused on my current traffic sources for now.

      I’ve tinkered with Thrive, talked to the iPyxel guys about it a few months ago. 😉

      • Petre Veluda

        ok, let me know if I can help you move forward with ZP, in some way..

  • Mr.Leex

    Thank you for this information Malan, I always wanna try ZP but I wanna master a traffic source first because of your advice.

    May I ask a simple question?(I kick my ass for missing your Q&A…..) Do you have any experience with google display network? It’s my first traffic source for mobile and I stuck to it for almost 2 month and rarely profitable, I am a newbie, the problem for me is no volume, I can’t get enough clicks to make a decision based on statistical significance, someday I can get 8 conversion and 160% ROI and other days I can only get 1 conversion and -30% ROI, be more specific, I’ve test all kind of ads and ads size, the audience I targeted is big, and I am running top 3 ads now, the CTR is about 0.35%, the maximum clicks I get for one day is 960 clicks…. Can you please give some idea about this? I really appreciate your advice. Thank you very much. 🙂

    • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

      from what you wrote I can tell you this. campaigns go up and down, some days they make money, some days they lose.

      Try looking at the campaign at the week/month level. If it makes $100 on Monday and then loses $50 on Tuesday, you’re still $50 profitable for the week.

      • Mr.Leex

        Thanks man, is there any way I can get more volume in G’s display network? the max revenue I can get is $25/day…..or maybe I should move to other campaign? I’ve run it for 3 weeks, it break even in total.

        I get lost, Malan, have no idea what to do next…it’s my first break even campaign. any direction is really appreciated. I guess you are going to sleep soon, so, good night! but it’s afternoon in China here and I have to move on to figure things out…:)

        • http://malandarras.com/ Malan Darras

          G Display has unlimited volume. Without knowing anything about your campaign I’ll generally guess it’s going to be for one of a few reasons.

          1. Your budget is set too low
          2. Your bids are set too low
          3. Your not targeting enough placements
          4. Your account is new (3 weeks is brand new to them) and they’re limiting your account spend until they trust you more.

          • Mr.Leex

            I believe the problem may be No.4, I set budget to $1000/day but only spend about 30 bucks/day, bid is high enough cuz my ads position is 1.1 and avg cpc is only half of my bids, I didn’t limit placements, I only target by category and exclude bad placement..

            Thanks Malan, really appreciate your reply.

  • Joseph Latham

    Cool Post ..I will have to test them out in 2015.

  • Baron

    ZeroPark can we send traffic to our blogs (monetizing with adsense) and how much are the clicks?

  • Henry

    Thanks for the tip! Sounds very interesting to a newbie as I’ve heard good things about Voluum and I can get my feet wet using the software for free.

  • jeff

    99% of affiliates use way more traffic sources than just ZeroPark so it doesn’t make sense to use Voluum tracking.. CPVLap sounds way cheaper long-term.

  • Yuvraj Karle

    hey is this offer still available? does the clicks are free for voluum if we use zeropark as traffic source?