Yesterday I Sent You An Email

Hey weirdo,

How ya doing?

I just got off a live Periscope session with about 100 people. We listened to W.A.S.P., talked about the illuminati, laughed about my glasses and I found two new, temporary girlfriends. Sort of.

Periscope is always a good time. (get the app, add me @malandarras)

There’s a reason I turned it on today.


Yesterday I emailed you with a question. (No? Click here to get on the list)

I was curious what you and the other members of the community thought about Video blogs vs Written posts.

I received 100s of responses, some were just a few words, others were several paragraphs. Some brought a tear to my eye. (Thank you)

Overall, I was a little surprised by the results.

The overwhelming majority of you said you like Video posts more. Mainly because they’re easier to consume (you can play in the background) and it’s nice to see a face behind the messages.

Some of you said you HIGHLY preferred the written posts, because they’re “easier to scan” and can be consumed in 30 seconds.

Then, many of you said “I LIKE BOTH”. Which is probably the way things will work out in the end.

What surprised me was how many of you said “Your Periscopes are what I look forward to most“… and THAT’S why I turned on Periscope today.

I’m starting to think of these different formats and websites like TV stations. And if I want to impact as many people as possible, I need global coverage.

Some people are of the opinion that I should focus on one format. Either just do the blog, or just do Facebook or just do Snapchat. But you know what opinions are like… right?

From My Perspective

From my perspective, video posts are easier to do. I’ve never had a problem talking into a camera. I’ve been doing it off and on for 15 years.

Flashback: I started “MalanDTV” before YouTube even existed.

I got run over by a car one night while I was sleeping in the street (true story). I was bed ridden for a month and got really bored, so I turned on my digital camera and started doing little skits and video blogs.

I uploaded the video files to my own server and streamed them using a Flash video player. Remember, there was no YouTube back then.

I know there was no YouTube back then because I once came across an email that I wrote to a friend back then that said:

“Have you heard of this new site called I’m thinking of moving MalanDTV there… I think it’s going to be big”.

I actually did move the show to YouTube but it didn’t last. As soon as my leg was healed up, my life got back to normal and there wasn’t time to spend hours recording and editing videos anymore.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I’d stuck with it. I’d probably have 4 Million subscribers and be looked at as a YouTube pioneer.

There are actually still a lot of videos from that time on YouTube but once I moved to LA and got sober I hid them all. I was on pain pills in almost every episode and when I got sober I couldn’t watch them anymore. So I put them all on private mode. But they’re there… hidden.

So yeah, turning on a camera and talking has never been a problem for me.


But the written posts have benefits as well.

They get ranked in search engines, you can scan them and to tell you the truth – the written post “10 Decisions That Probably Saved My Life” has probably brought me more readers than any other post on the site.

The Intermittent Fasting + Leangains posts and the Depression series bring in thousands of readers a month from Google search.

So written posts definitely have their benefits as well.


Overall – I’m glad I sent the email out yesterday. I don’t like to bug you with my questions too often, but I do like to hear from you from time to time.

The biggest takeaway from the responses that I received was that MOST of you accept me for who I am and understand what this blog is.

  • It’s not an affiliate marketing “tips & tricks” blog.
  • It’s not a bunch of Guru bullshit.

I do write about my adventures and experience in affiliate marketing, because it’s one of the things that I enjoy the most. But I can’t make every post about f#cking Landing Page optimization or I’d go crazy.

I do have a place in the affiliate blogging space though. I’ve become the go-to guy for people who want to be a 1-Man Affiliate Army and could care less about building a business.

Affiliate Marketing isn’t a business, it’s a Counter Culture.

I don’t want to be a CEO, I just wanna be a creative weirdo and make more money than I can spend.

You can take that corporate BS and stick it where the Sun Don’t Shine.

(Notice I didn’t cuss there… Maybe I AM going corporate)

I understand why Nicky Cakes stopped blogging back in the day.

He had the most popular affiliate marketing blog on earth at the time and one day he just… stopped writing.

Thousands of readers were left wondering why he stopped.

I get it now.

Being an affiliate marketing blogger is kind of soul sucking. It’s a tight rope walk to stay true to yourself and not become a douchebag. I mean, let’s be honest… most affiliate marketing blogs are embarrassing.

And there are so many questions, emails and pleas for help. It’s fun at first and then becomes overwhelming. Each question you answer gives birth to 20 more… the pleas for help never stop.

I can totally see why he pulled himself out of the limelight.

That’s just my opinion. I have no idea why he actually stopped blogging. Maybe he just got bored.

  • It’s not a “band website” for my music.

I think about that sometimes too though. For a while I pondered never writing or speaking again and only releasing my ideas through sounds. Music, noise, animations and videos as a means of communication.

I may actually still do that. I feel like it’d be the most interesting YouTube channel ever.

Sometimes I wonder if Jeff Buckley, or Jim Morrison would have had a blog, or a YouTube channel, if the technology had been available at the time. The obvious answer is hell no… but you never know.

The guy from Tycho does it well… blending design/blogging with his music career.

But I digress…

Where Were We?

Where were we? Oh yeah… this website.

  • It’s not “my version of”
  • It’s not really anything.

What we have here is a Brain Dump <– That link is from my site 11 years ago.

And my connection with the outside world.

It’s a TV station into my life. The good and the bad.

The successes and also the struggles. I talk about Marketing, Music and the Madness of Life.

That’s what this is.

Just me, talking to you about what I’m going through and sharing things that have worked for me in my journey.

And you, reading along… wondering what I’m going to say…



  • Nicsun R.

    Your blog to me is like a collage of your thoughts or a journal. Amazing how you phrased it brain dump. I was recently thinking about what my new personal blog should focus on. I felt It had to focus on something or be niche specific, but my mind doesn’t work that way. I think and about everything and anything. Its like trying to find that secret order within chaos and put it into words.

    Great Post Malan

    • Malan Darras

      yeah do what you want. focused/niche blogs have more potential to make money, but my blog isn’t really a business… it’s just my blog.

  • Matt

    Im glad to have this opportunity. I got your email yesterday and was playing around planning on giving a response and poof it was gone. Not sure what I did with it. I say keep doing what youre doing bro. I prefer text. I can read text at my own speed. Via video is at the speed of the maker. People dont understand the power of text. “Most people” Thanks man!

    • Malan Darras

      thank you Matt