malan-coffeeHello. I’m Malan. I am a musician, fitness enthusiast and one of the top affiliate marketers in the world.

My life, like yours has had some incredible ups and downs.

Here, I write about my struggle – how I came from nothing, a small town, reckless depressed and drunk musician and became what I am today – a sober, self-taught, singer, writer, artist and advertising powerhouse, living a life of total freedom.

My hope is that by sharing how I changed my life, I can help you change yours. There’s a magic that happens when one person, who’s going through a hard time talks to someone who’s been there before.

That’s what this website is.

I mainly write about these things:

  • Work: How to make enough money online to quit your job forever.
  • Fitness. How to eat and workout to get into the best shape of your life.
  • Life. How to deal with depression, fear, anxiety and fun stuff like that.
  • Art. Because art and music make the Universe a better place.

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Why The Blog?

I see people every day who are completely lost who just need a little advice and a push in the right direction.

I can’t approach everyone I see on the street or in the gym and tell them that there’s a better way. (I’ve tried and it doesn’t work) But I can write about the things I’ve learned and allow anyone who wants to do better a chance to learn from my experiments.

Maybe that’s you.

If you’ve ever questioned your reality and wanted to do something bigger – than stay tuned. That’s exactly what I did and that’s what I talk about here.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope to see you around here more often.

I’ll see you out there,

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