A4D Performance Summit 2016: Videos and Notes

Last weekend I went to the A4D Performance Summit in San Diego, CA.

Hundreds of online marketers, advertisers, ad networks and affiliates came together to discuss ideas, share secrets and celebrate this crazy world that we work inside of.

There were about 6-8 speakers, myself included. Topics ranged from campaign optimization and multi-variate testing (MVT) all the way to creating products and going from $0 to $500k in sales in 30 days.

I wrote down about 20 lines of notes. I can’t share them all here because most speakers wouldn’t want their ideas posted to thousands of people. But I will share one insight that seems simple – but could be helpful.

  • Run two versions of your campaign.
  • Same ads, different bids.
  • 1 bid for Day, 1 bid for night.

Could be a great test to try and an alternative to day parting or manually pausing. Hope it helps.

People are posting their notes from the event inside my forum – MadSociety.net.

Next Level

The Summit was really incredible. Some of the stories I heard were truly next level.

In affiliate marketing you have several different styles and lots of different setups. Some people are 1-Man Armies, some build teams, some create their own products and then there are the true top level guys doing things you wouldn’t believe.

For example, someone there applied his affiliate marketing skills to a weird niche 2 years ago and then sold the company last week for $600 Million dollars.

This is why I don’t think of affiliate marketing as a competition…

because if it is a competition… we’re all losing.

MadSociety Meetup

We put together a last minute meetup for the guys from MadSociety. Everyone met up at Mary Jane’s, the Hard Rock’s cafe/restaurant and hung out.

It’s always nice to put faces with names and surround yourself with like-minded people. Thanks to everyone who came out!


MadSociety.net member showed up with 30 t-shirts and gave them away.

Also – big thanks to Justin who showed up with a huge cardboard box of MadSociety T-shirts.

He flew across the country  (FL > SD) with this heavy box of shirts and then gave them all away to the group. That’s some crazy effort and was a great way to break the ice brotha! I wore my tank top yesterday.

The Videos

I recorded some footage from the Summit and edited it together into two videos on my Youtube channel. Day 1 covers our arrival and some footage in and around the Hard Rock Hotel. Day 2 & 3 covers the Summit, the day after and the trip home. Enjoy.

Day 1:

No video? Click here to watch on youtube.

Day 2:

No video? Click here to watch on youtube.

**Bonus: I spent about 30 minutes doing a video interview with Charles Ngo. Not sure when it will be posted but keep an eye out for that soon.

Don’t Miss The Next One

If you missed the Summit this year – be sure to go to the next one when it happens. (they don’t do it every year) I always come home from these trips inspired, refreshed and full of new ideas.

It’s a great way to expand your horizons, get some insider information and hang out with other people who are doing the same stuff you’re doing.

Speaking of other people – it was great to see so many of you there who read this blog. I must have met 100+ of you over the 2-3 days I was there.

And if you missed it, I hope the videos give you an idea of what went down.


P.S. I’m doing lots of video lately on both Snapchat and Youtube.

  1. Snapchat = malandarras
  2. Youtube = http://youtube.com/malandarras


Who is A4D? They’re one of my favorite affiliate networks in the business, led by one of the best minds in the game. They focus on the big, white hat verticals that can be run long term. I’ve worked with A4D for 8 years and have never had a better business partner.

As far as trust goes – they’ve never missed a payment (even when they didn’t get paid) and they’ve outlived all of the gigantic corporate networks that used to rule the game back in the day.

Hands down my favorite network to work with. If you want to work with them too, apply here with my referral link.

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