Affiliate Marketing GENESIS: Intro


A woman was screaming at me on the phone… she sounded horrified and confused.

Minutes earlier, I had applied to a new affiliate network (her employer). At the bottom of the online application I added a little note.

I wrote:

“If you see this, call me. I need immediate approval. Massive traffic volume. Please hurry.”

An unsuspecting affiliate manager called me right away, to see what was going on.

I told her I had just filled the daily sale capacity at every other affiliate network for an offer – and I was looking for somewhere to send my traffic.

She said “Yeah, we have something you can run. You can do as many sales as you want…

“I can do as many sales as I want?” I asked.
“Yeah, blow it up.”
she replied.

So that’s what I did.

I blew it up.

As soon as I pointed the firehose of traffic at her network, it started spewing clicks and conversions. The numbers were exploding… and the phone rang… it was her… and her voice was shaking with panic.

“Is this real??? I think we’re under attack! What’s happening?!??!”

She was trying to figure out if what I was doing was legit or not. The clicks were coming in so incredibly fast that she thought they were under some sort of DDOS attack.

“Nah, that’s just my campaign” I replied. “It’s real traffic… and you’re only getting half of it”.


“I don’t know what to do!!” she said… “I’m going to have to call our CEO…”

Moments later I was on the phone with the owner of the network, trying to explain what was going on. He told me I was going to have to shut the traffic off until they decided what to do.

I told him “If I turn it off, it’s not coming back on…

He thought about it, cleared his throat and said… “Okay… Let’s do it”.

There we go…” I laughed to myself… and turned the dials up to full steam.


This is what it feels like to be one of the top affiliate marketers in the world.

But it wasn’t always this way.

In fact, just a few years earlier, I was completely lost in life and had narrowed my future down to two options.

  1. Move to Cambodia, buy a gun and an acoustic guitar and be a street musician
  2. Blow my brains out in the woods of Oklahoma in the cleanest way possible

So what happened?

What changed?

How did I turn things around?


All of these questions will be answered in’s Inaugural series: “Genesis”.

Genesisan origin, creation, or beginning.

Stay tuned for Part 1, where we’ll jump in a time machine and talk about the early days… when I first bumped into this thing called… The Internet.

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  • Will Jr

    Great first post homie !! I am already hooked and looking forward to the next one. Great comeback stories always have me on the edge of my seat (I think thats why the rocky series is still one of my favourite) The site looks awesome too btw, looks like a smooth transition keep killing it.

  • Mark

    Rockstar status!

  • Sammy

    That’s what it’s all about ! Pure Affiliate’n’Roll !

  • Francisco

    Can’t wait :). Love the Tarantino style of writing.

  • Darrel Tenter

    Never tell MAD to blow it up, unless you’re prepared for the consequences.

  • Basse

    Nice start on your News site! Really looking forward to the next post

  • Bayu

    I can’t wait to be the part of this great post

  • ZenMind

    The rise of the MAD aff’er.

    I’m sure you’re story will inspire us to persist through hard times.

    Looking forward to reading the rest.

  • Wesley

    Love the comeback story I want to write my own. Thank you Malan.

  • Troy S.

    Love the post and new layout. Your humble response to that affliate manager is classic.

  • Harsh Raichura

    Your name tells everything. Whatever You’re doing is just MAD 🙂
    Waiting to travel in time machine and see radical shift that you bring to your life some years ago.

    S Y I T F MAD
    – Harsh

  • Gastón

    Great new start Malan! Anxious to start reading the series.

  • Bret

    I’m excited! Bring it on, Malan!

    I love your content, man. I won’t miss it.

  • lurker

    great post!

    was it fb traffic? :^)

  • drluisbarrios

    I just used this as a prologue (customized) of one of my ebooks in the health niche, and looks amazing.


  • Trent

    Looking forward to some more insights, Malan

  • Sam

    Yo Malan, your blog ROCKS! I read many of your blog post before watching one of your videos. I think I watch one of your worst video and I was like affiliate marketers are strange peoples!!! Then I watch many more and I realized that you are so COOL and normal person! Probably you were hang over that first video I saw lol I don’t know which forum to register STM or Mad society??? Pros STM has more post more follow along, more history, cons theres a lot of people and it can be overwhelming. Madsociety pros less people easier to make friends (I hope so!), easier to talk to you!, cons less follow along and less experienced marketers! Happy 2017! Hopefully you become a rock star this year!