it will be ok t-shirts (v2)

If you’ve been following this website for a while, you may have noticed something.

I wear the same t-shirt almost every day.

It’s more accurate to say that I “seemingly” wear the same shirt every day. Because what is actually happening is I have 8–10 copies of the same shirt and I wear one of them almost every day.

The shirt is very simple. It’s black and has one phrase written on it in small, white print. It says:

“it will be ok.”

Malan Tshirt

After wearing these shirts for almost 10 years (read the story here) I decided to make them available to the public. That first round of shirts sold out in a few days.

I’m actually wearing one of the shirts from that first sale right now (I bought one to check quality). I cut the sleeves off mine and washed it and it feels great. The fit is perfect.. and I’m picky as hell.

You Seem To Be Loving Them Too

Everyone has told me the fit and feel are very high quality and comfortable.

It’s been surreal seeing photos of other people wearing the “it will be ok.” t-shirts. I’ve also gotten fantastic stories from those of you that have them on the experiences you’ve had.

As I’ve said before – when you wear this shirt strange things happen.

  • People approach you and ask you what it means.
  • They’ll say “thank you” for the message.
  • They’ll ask where you got it.

It’s really kind of freaky, in a fun way.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I’ve been doing live chats and Q&A’s on Periscope (username: malandarras) every weekday morning between 7–8am. I wear an “it will be ok.” t shirt in almost all of them. And a lot of you have requested that I make the shirts available again.

So I’m doing it.

And this time I made a few minor changes.

  1. Smaller font zize. One thing I noticed on the first round of shirts was that the font size was bigger than the size on my shirts. So I reduced the font size by about 50%.
  2. New women’s style. I changed the style of the women’s shirt from slim-fitted and tight to a bit more loose and relaxed.

it will be ok shirts

Left: New Men’s with smaller font. Right: New women’s style.

The shirts will be available for purchase for the next 7 days only. So if you didn’t get one last time, or you want an updated version now is the time.

Click here to get yours now.

See you in the future,

  • Rory Coyle

    Boom! Just got me 2. #SYITF

  • Rory Coyle

    And told my mom about it… She loved it. So ordered another for her 😉

    • Malan Darras

      nice man, thanks for spreading the love #syitf

  • Joe Z

    Just got confirmation that mine is printing. Awesome! Can’t wait to sport it. It’s simple and conveys a really good message.