Review: Chapter 3 – What’s Inside?

This is Chapter 3 of a 4-part series. Please read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 if you haven’t already.

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When we left off, MadSociety was coming together completely organically and soon we had a strong family of affiliates helping each other out.

Soon, word started to spread and everyone wanted to know what was going on inside.

In the beginning the forum was almost completely empty. I wrote some welcome posts, posted some of my affiliate marketing processes, shared a few tips and explained how the forum was going to work.

  1. There wouldn’t be 1000s of posts added to try to make the forum look full
  2. Threads would be added by request only
  3. Everything would be kept minimal
  4. We would operate as one big MasterMind, using the group’s combined power to help each other along
  5. We’d do a Live Video Mastermind and Q&A every month

As the membership grew, we had some members who weren’t happy with the format, mainly because it wasn’t what they were used to.

You see – so many people are trained to believe that more is better. When in many cases – the opposite is true.

Here’s what I mean…

If you buy a 10 page book on losing weight for $45, you might feel like it’s a ripoff… because you’re only getting 10 pages. I mean… that’s $4.50 per page!

But if the book is 500 pages, $45 is a steal. Because you’re getting 500 pages! That’s only $0.09 cents per page! That’s a better deal!! Right?


If the author can teach you what you need to know in 10 pages… should they really hide the answers behind 500 pages of fluff to make it seem like a better deal?

Hell no. (but it’s the standard rule)

Every year, hundreds of books are written that are based on a small blog post. The author is forced by the publishing company to turn it into 500 pages so that people will spend more on it.

If you really want to speed read? Just find the blog post, read the most important 500 words and you’re done in 5 minutes versus 5 days.

More content makes it almost impossible to get the information you need.

The affiliate marketing world is already full of so much B.S. and misinformation it’s almost impossible for a new person to learn anyway.

And every day more garbage is posted online making matters worse.

MadSociety tries to strip away all of the fluff and create an environment of useful materials that can be digested in a short amount of time.

So what you end up with is less information, that helps you more.

What’s Inside MadSociety?

Now that you understand the “Vibe” we’re going for with MadSociety, I want to show you a little bit of what’s going on inside.

The Members

MadSociety started with just 40 or 50 people hanging out on Periscope. Today we have 100s of members from all over the world.

Members range from brand new, to $xxxx/day affiliates all the way to 8-figure super affiliates and network owners that are part of my personal inner circle.

We even have two of my original MasterMind members from back in the day. They don’t want to be known by name, but they’re in there lurking and kicking in ideas from time to time.

MadSociety Posts and Threads

Here are a few of the posts that have been getting a lot of attention lately.

Some of these are responsible for more than a few members going from being completely lost to making a few hundred bucks a day.

MadSociety: A few areas you’ll probably want to check out.
MadSociety: Threads with info you can use to immediately launch campaigns

Inside of these threads are insights, guides and step-by-step instructions on how to create a campaign and then make it profitable.

Remember – anyone can launch a campaign on a traffic source that loses money. 99% of people do that and then quit.

The ART of online marketing is launching a campaign on a traffic source, losing money in the beginning and then forcing it into profitability using a process of optimizations.

These are the kind of instructions we try to provide in MadSociety.

The forums are heavy on Native at the moment. With mobile, Pay Per Call and Facebook really starting to take off as well.

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Live Mastermind / Q&A Sessions

Every month we hold a free, live MasterMind / Q&A for all forum members.

Most of the time it’s me, on camera answering questions and talking about current and upcoming trends.

I get opportunities and information that not a lot of people know about – and can help guide members towards what is working now and what will be working next year.

Other times – we have members from the forum on the live video as well. A few of our members went from zero to hero this year and I let them join in to give their own unique answers and insights for our members as well.

Here are a few of our recent Live Masterminds, that are saved and available for replay inside the forum.

MadSociety: All Live Masterminds are recorded and available for replay right now
MadSociety: One of our live Q&A / Masterminds

The live Mastermind Sessions are one of the most popular features of the forum. I don’t know anywhere else you can get Live information like this, every month for free.

You can even grab the audio from the Live Session, download it to your phone and listen to it like a podcast.

The MAD Letters

From time to time I post what I call “The MAD Letters”. These are a series of posts with information that I feel everyone involved in the online ad game should know.

Most of The MAD Letters are NOT tips and tricks. They are fundamentals that are the underlying force in every profitable campaign.

I also share my ideas about the future of online marketing and trends that I see coming up next.

MadSociety: The MAD Letters

Most recently, I laid out my idea of what will happen in the world of “Arbitrage” (click bait ads that go to SlideShows for CPM rates).

In the Letter – I showed how you could increase stability and cashflow (Arbitrage’s biggest problems) and scale these kinds of campaigns harder and faster than anyone else.

The prediction I made came true about 60 days later and people are doing it now.

Does that mean I can tell the future? Of course not – but I nailed that one.

If you want to understand the fundamentals of every campaign I’ve ever launched and get a glimpse of what may happen in the future… The MAD Letters are for you.

Want “tips and tricks porn”? (ideas that are fun to read but not very useful) feel free to go waste your time somewhere else.

Non-Affiliate Marketing Related Content

MadSociety was formed on Periscope, and was based on more than just affiliate marketing tips and tricks.

In our original sessions we discussed productivity, self help, depression, rock music, supplements, nootropics, dating, confidence, creativity and working out.

That diverse spirit is alive and well in the latest version of the forum. And to tell you the truth – it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole thing.

Every week we open new conversations about working out, music we’re listening to and what keeps us inspired in our work and in our lives.

Here are a few of the current conversations, all live in the forum right now:

MadSociety: Some of our non-affiliate marketing related threads

Does MadSociety Have Threads for [__________]?

Sometimes people contact me personally before signing up for MadSociety. They want to know if there is “a specific thread for Mobile app installs?” or “a specific thread for doing Revcontent campaigns in Brazil?”

Sometimes the content is already there and sometimes it’s not.

The good thing is if the content you’re looking for isn’t there now, just request it and we’ll add it for you.

Remember, we’re trying to avoid having 1000s of confusing threads. So there might not be an exact thread that has the answers you’re looking for.

But if you need something specifically, and it isn’t there now – we’ll add it and let you know when it’s ready.

Recommended Tools and Services with Discounts

Now that MadSociety is starting to get noticed, I’ve been contacted by just about every tool and service provider in the industry who want to have their stuff featured in our forum.

I hand select partners and work with them to create discounts and incentives for MadSociety members to sign up.

I don’t allow any partners that I don’t use myself.

So if you see a spy tool, web host or tracking system posted in the Recommended Tools section, there is a 100% chance that I’m using it as well.

In some cases, I’ve been contacted by a software or service that I’ve never used. So before I allow their product inside the forum, I’ll test drive it for several weeks – and IF it passes my quality test I’ll let them in.

We have some awesome cost-cutting coupon codes and special deals that can save you hundreds of dollars on spy tools, hosting and tracking.

For example – one well-known spy tool company is giving our members 9 days of access for $1, plus $2750 in ad credits (free traffic) from some smaller ad networks that want our traffic.

That’s a great way to learn the ropes without risking all your cash. You can make all your newbie mistakes on their dime. 🙂

More partners and exclusive deals are coming on board all the time.

Is MadSociety Good For Newbies?

A lot of people who are new to the online marketing industry email me and want to know if MadSociety is too “advanced” for newbies.

The answer is: MadSociety loves newbies.

The way the Forum is setup is more like a Mastermind. So if you’re brand new you can come in, read a few posts to help you decide what you want to do and then start a Follow Along journey.

You post what you’re doing and any questions you have, and 100s of Family members will reply with answers, insights and helpful info.

Follow Alongs start off with questions like “what traffic source / offer should I start with” and go all the way through “I’m profitable! How do I scale it!?”

Every step of the way, you have a group of people to answer questions and cheer you on.

If you’re new – that will shortcut your learning curve, cutting your start-up time from several months to just a few days.

Another great part of the forum is that you can get an answer to almost any question you can think of really fast.

  • Want to know how to put a script on your page? Just ask.
  • Want to know how to use a spy tool? Just ask.
  • Want to know how much you should bid on an ad? Just ask.

In most cases you’ll have an answer in a few hours. This kind of interaction can be unbelievably helpful for newbies and in my opinion is worth the price of admission all by itself.

You Need a Society

If you’re new to affiliate marketing you need to have people around you who can help. In my case – I had an affiliate manager who was available 24/7 to answer my questions and guide me along to my first paid traffic campaign on Adwords.

Without his help – it would have taken me years to get to where he got me in a month.

But these days, affiliate managers aren’t willing to put in the work like that. And if you’re new, affiliate managers won’t help you because you can’t guarantee that you’re going to make them money.

It’s a Catch 22.

  • They want affiliates that can send high volume traffic.
  • You want them to help you do this.
  • They don’t want to help.
  • You’re both screwed.

Joining MadSociety solves that problem.

  • If you need help getting started, we’re there for you
  • If you’ve been turned down by affiliate networks we’ll help you
  • If you don’t know how to make a banner ad, we’ll help
  • If you need help setting up a campaign, no problem

I’d much rather pay a monthly subscription fee and get unlimited answers to my questions and get help with my problems.

Because the alternative is running around trying to convince people to help me for free. And the truth is – most affiliate managers just don’t do that anymore.

Times have changed.
So adapt to them.
And find a Family of people that can help guide you.

You don’t have to use MadSociety, but you DO have to find people who can help somewhere.

MadSociety is a Family

MadSociety’s main focus is to teach you how to do affiliate marketing (or do it better). This is the content that makes it a premium forum and worth the price of admission.

But one of the things that makes MadSociety unique is that while we are also a Family.

The positive feeling and family vibe that we created in those original Periscope sessions is still alive and well.

Most of the original Morning Coffee Fam members are still here talking, launching campaigns, listening to music and helping each other out.

If you’re stuck – and need a place to go to get help with affiliate marketing without having to worry about fitting in or impressing anyone…

MadSociety is for you.

I’m probably in there right now.

See you there.

P.S. MadSociety will be reopening our doors in the next few days. Stay tuned for Chapter 4 for the announcement!

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I hope that gives you an idea of what MadSociety is all about and some clues to what is going on inside.

If I show much more our paying members will kill me, so I’m going to stop right here.

Next Step: Get on the list to be notified when we open back up. At the end of this series we’re going to open the doors. But you’ve gotta be on this list.