Review: Chapter 4 – Opening The Doors

This is Chapter 4 of a 4-part series. Please read the previous chapters if you haven’t already.

MadSociety Review

Over the last few weeks I’ve told you the story of MadSociety.

  • It started during my Periscope sessions
  • It organically went from Periscope to an FB Group to a forum
  • Now, myself and several hundred affiliates are helping each other out on a daily basis

I also gave you an idea of what is happening inside.

  • Members range from newbies to 8-figure affiliates and owners
  • We hold monthly Live Mastermind meetings
  • There is a heavy focus on Native Ads
  • Facebook, E-Commerce and Mobile are starting to take off as well
  • The content is kept minimal so it’s easier to understand
  • Members are there to help you with questions all day, every day

If you’re into the affiliate marketing game you need a support group. No one can do this alone.

I don’t know a single person (myself included) who “made it” without a group of people around them to help.

If you’ve ever felt stuck, or you know you need friends in the industry but don’t know how to find them – – is for you.

We’re a family.

I didn’t build MadSociety because I wanted to start a forum. I built it because people asked me to create a place where our circle of friends could hang out. 

Over time, it’s turned into a very unique place to get to know people, ask for help, help others and “level-up” each other’s game.

If you think you’re one of us, you’re more than welcome to come along.

All Systems Go

While you’ve been reading about MadSociety, we’ve been working on the backend to fix a few problems and simplify the signup process.

The updates are done and I’m happy to tell you that we’ll be re-opening the doors to MadSociety on Thursday, September 1st 2016.

To get in, you’ll need to be on the MadSociety list. I won’t do any kind of announcement on the blog or social media. Only to the list.

Private information (including pricing) and signup links will be sent out to the list and then it’s a first come, first serve situation.

See you in the forum!


P.S. Thanks for reading. I hope I’ve given you an idea of what MadSociety is all about. I’d love to have you in there with us.

This is the last post you’ll see about the September 1st launch. So be sure you’re on this list to get your signup link.